Anybody having a hard time finding a job?

  1. I just got through going through the genaral nursing discussion pages and was kind of discouraged to find out how many first year grads HATE their job. And how many are having a hard time finding a job? I feel Like maybe I shouldnt have read all that negative stuff because now it has me scared to start Nursing school in January!! This wasnt one or two people it was ALOT.. So just wondering how many NEW grads in Michigan are having a hard time finding a job?? Hopefully by the time I finish school things will change.
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  3. by   RN BSN 2009
    It will go in waves. Just make sure that nursing is what you want.
  4. by   karbyr
    I have been a nurse for 24 years now and remember how much I hated my first year as an actual nurse. Very intense and a lot of on the job training. Over the years, I have worked in various positions, some I loved, some I wouldn't have wished on an enemy. That's nursing
  5. by   iluvdetroit
    I believe, as a PP pointed out, that it will go in waves. Right now, hospitals are nervous about the economy and the potential for government-run healthcare and how it might affect their bottom line. But there is a reality, and this is it: there are a huge number of people in the baby boomer generation who are now in their early and mid-sixties and relatively healthy. However, when these people advance into their late sixties, early seventies, and out! Nurses will be in such high demand it won't even be funny. And the sedentary, fast food lifestyles of many Americans will help to feed that need for nurses.

    Hang in there. It's tough right now, but these things cycle. When I graduated from nursing school in 1990 I could pick from every hospital in the city AND get a nice sign-on bonus, even as a new grad with no experience. Fast forward to now, I happen to have an interview in a very large teaching hospital in Ohio which only has nine open RN positions listed on its website, even though it has hundreds of beds. Without my experience in hospital nursing, I wouldn't have even gotten this interview, and who knows if they'll hire me. You know what they say--the only constant is change.
  6. by   NoviceRN10
    I think those of you graduating in a year or two will find it easier to gain employment than those of us graduating right now. There are a few older nurses on my unit that are hovering near retirement, one is supporting the household because her husband lost his job, one is waiting for her retirement fund to recover, while a third is still putting her kids through college.
  7. by   pinkerton
    I recently went to a seminar on lateral violence and it seems a big % is directed toward the newest hires. It is really sad that happens, but at least there is awareness of the problem and a movement towards changing it.
  8. by   RNKat23
    I'm a recent grad (6/09), had a job waiting when I graduated, and am loving it (even though there's still lots to learn!). People like to complain, so the ones with the good stories may just not be posting much... My four best friends from NS are also working at the same hospital, and they all like it so far too!

    Good luck!
  9. by   cderitz

    Which hospital are you working at?
  10. by   RNKat23
    I'm in Northern Michigan
  11. by   ToBANurse2010
    I hope by the time u finish school the economy would've turned around and there will jobs out there 2. I'm having a hard time finding a job as a patient care tech although I have 18 yrs experience as a nursing assistant & in my 2nd yr of nursing school. I'm hoping 2 find a job for myself when I'm done with school
  12. by   dream-a-little-dream
    I graduated in May 09, and just finally got a job offer this week. Not at a major hospital, but a unique hospital called Select Specialty. There are 10 locations in MI, check out their website, they hire new grads. A small, 35 bed hospital, ICU step down env, average length of stay 25 days. This was only my second interview, the other was at Heatland, and they didn't give me a chance. My friends that got in the major hospitals had allready been working their prior to graduation, or KNEW someone on the inside. I lucked out, SS called me 2 days after applying online.
    Good luck, stay positive, and network! I understand how depressing it can get...