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  1. Hello everyone, I am a new grad RN but I have 4 years experience as a LPN. I've had several job interviews that I thought were successful but haven't heard anything back, I was even asked to shadow for 1 of them. I contacted the nursing manager at Sinai grace hospital and she told me that she will be sending my info to HR but as of right now the positions are on hold. My interview was back on 2/3. If anyone have some leads or can help me out in any way I would greatly appreciate it. I am willing to travel. Networking seems to be the only way to land a job now. I am near the metro Detroit area. TIA

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  3. by   CorazonDeOro
    I wouldn't get too discouraged. My manager (where I am an Extern) just hired 7 new nurses, all new grads as far as I know. This surprised me a lot actually. So there are managers out there that are willing to hire new grads. I work in Detroit btw. It took me a long time to even get a job at a hospital (about a year) and I had no connections at the hospital I got into. It just took a lot of applying and getting rejections, so don't give up.
  4. by   faith2011
    Hey TiffanyRN. I just graduated in December and passed my NCLEX in February. I also have been applying to every hospital I know, and contacting recruiters with no call back, BUT Oakwood Dearborn is hiring. I heard they are opening a neuro unit and need some nurses. I have an interview with them this Thursday. My peers that I graduated with in December (I think about 6 or 7 students) have received job offers from them, and there are a few more students from my class that have interviews with them this coming week, so I would definitely apply with Oakwood, they are hiring. It sounds like you would have a good chance for a call back. Good luck!!!
  5. by   Angelahealer09
    I graduated back in May 2009 and it took over 6 months to find any job. I finally got my first job last March at a skilled nursing facility. I now have over a years experience working for longterm, but I really want hospital experience. I just now got hired at Oakwood for their skilled nursing center... not really what I wanted, but I know eventually I can probably transfer into the hospital. I got all rejection letters for all of the hospital floors despite having some experience. I guess you just gotta be patient and take what you can get. One good thing about working in the long term field is.. you see a lot of stuff and it forces you to really use time management because you're taking on a lot of patients.