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    i am currently going to occ for my adn. i'm still doing the pre-req's but, my question is this....

    i have heard alot with regard to adn and bsn. i know i can get my adn and then get a job (sometimes it can get difficult in this market, i'm aware of that), or i can just go for my bsn. i guess i'm torn.

    ==>is it faster to get your adn, get a job and then go back for you bsn


    ==>would it be faster/easier to just go for the bsn right away?

    ==> do bsn's make more money?

    i'm 42 and have a steady job that pays pretty well. i don't want to spend the rest of my days in college and i know that i am not a spring chicken any i would be in the position in about a year, (if i went the adn route) to quit my job and just use the money from my student loans/saved money, to get through the actual nursing program/clinicals, etc. if i went to bsn route, i would have longer to save money....

    any advise that anyone can give me would be great!!

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    At DMC Bachelors nurses vs adn nurses make basically the same pay from what I heard. I've heard its like a .10 difference at the most. They usually pay based on years nursing experience. It's up to you how you want to get your degree. I'm doing ADN first for the reduced cost. I'm not really worried about not finding a job. ADN is two years after acceptance and BSN is three years after acceptance. I think that is just a personal choice. If I could have gotten right into a bachelors program I would have but couldn't due to cost.
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    My BSN program is two years, so not all are 3. I chose that route for several reasons, including:making yself more marketable, including wait-listing at most cc BSN for me was actually faster, and the University I'm at has a completely different mentality then where I had been attending. All these reasons were very relative and individual to my situation so I think it is whatever is the best fit for you. Good Luck!!!!
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    I did see other posts that asked the same question that I did....sorry for the repeat, but thank you gals for the advise. I think I'm going to just go the ADN route for now, but I MIGHT change my mind. LOL..

    Thanks again
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    I wish I had gone the BSN route from the start. Im in MCC's ADN program, and I didn't make it in the first time around. So, once I'm done, it will have taken me 4 1/2 years to complete the 2 year program (pre-reqs included). You have to do whatever is best for you, but now looking back, I wish I had just jumped into the BSN route, because the ADN isn't as quick as they make you think it is (its not JUST 2 years).
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    If I decided to go the BSN route, would there be a GPA cap to get into the nursing program still? Or does that just apply to ADN degree programs?
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    Yes, GPA's are still competitive at universities but each school has different criteria so it's best to look at each school's program that you're interested in. Or just ask me because I think I've looked at almost every local program lol.
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    I did a lot of my pre reqs at WCCCD and went to an informational meeting there. I lasted 10 minutes and walked out. I transfered to a four year the next semester. I'm not saying I'm better than people but that group of people was not the group I'd want to nurse with. You want a good education go get your BSN. You get what you pay for. It is much more competitive but you'll be surrounded by front runners. Don't think for a second doctors and BSN's won't judge you for only having an AA. There is no comparision.
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    Quote from Tommy2001
    Don't think for a second doctors and BSN's won't judge you for only having an AA. There is no comparision.
    The doctors and I work with have no idea whether I have an ASN, BSN, or even MSN so there's no judgement! They only care how you do your job. And I have no idea what degree most of the nurses I work with have unless I ask. There is no judgement...and I work in a place where they judge you for everything else!
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    This may be the case for you but not all. Sorry to seem harsh but it's offensive to me. Would you compare a person who has an AA in Business to a person who has a BS in Business? Of course not. Why do you think it is acceptable to compare an AA nurse to a BSN? An ADN is not at the level of education of a BSN and shouldn't be held to that level. Last time I checked a community college wasn't listed on any list for the top nursing schools, and try to get into an extern program at U of Michigan with an ADN. A smile and a "sorry you don't qualify" Stop trying to compare.
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