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Just checking in with all the hombres... Most guys I know are ambivilent to the term, but is there anyone else who just DETESTS being called a murse? B in VA... Read More

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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    Interesting. When it comes out that I'm a nurse (or when I was in school), I'd quickly follow up with, "You can just call me Gaylord." Always good for some chuckles (or blank looks from the folks that had never seen MTP).

    "Could you milk me, Greg?" One of the funniest things to ever come out of DeNiro's mouth.
    I'm expecting that as well while going through school, as far as I know its just me and my friend that are going to be the only males running through the program. We've looked at previous graduating pictures and there seemed to be only one guy in the whole class of graduates for the past couple years.

    I say call me a "murse" and I'll reply with a joke, or since I used be a club bouncer the intimidating flare up of the chest then just pull out my Hello Kitty wallet.
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    Quote from cingham
    ...or since I used be a club bouncer the intimidating flare up of the chest then just pull out my Hello Kitty wallet.
    Or, if appropriate, pull out a duplicate of Jules's wallet from Pulp Fiction...
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    I had that one but it was made cheaply and fell apart back in highschool, sadly in the end all you could read was "d othe *#@#er"
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    I never heard of the term until a classmate mentioned it. I kinda like it, "murse" sounds better to...especially since the name "nurse" was usually used for female health professionals. By the way my screen name has "Murse" in it.
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    I dont really care what people call me. they can address me as ******* for all I care...... Murse might be an upgrade from what most of the surgeons say.....
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    one cardiology resident who tried got kicked in the head for his sheer gall.
    i hope he was covered under workmans comp
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    I think "murse" is funny, and have no problem with it at all
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    rarely hear it and when i do, no biggie, the female nurses get called far worse things, ha.
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    Personally I hate the term murse. I think it's childish and ridiculous and is an unnecessary label.

    I do kinda like the term XY-RN though.
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    so a female would be wurse?

    nap time
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