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  1. 0 I recently graduated from Lone Star College in Kingwood, TX with a ADN.

    Just started working (currently in Orientation) for Triumph The Heights (Houston) and I want help with comfortable shoes to wear.

    What are some really comfortable shoes? I bought NIKE SHOX last night cuz my brother, a UPS driver, hence lots of walking while delivering parcels, said his feet didn't hurt at the end of a days work when wearing Nike Shox. I wore them on for about 30 min in the morning while getting ready for work and my heels began aching. I just returned from returning them. Any suggestions?
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    There are soooooo many posts about shoes, I can't imagine you getting any original advice...please search before asking a question like this.
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    I dont use forums very often. Sorry if I offended you by posting this topic. In addition, I tried searching but didn't find anything recent (2010). If you know how to delete this then go ahead, I don't mind, or teach me how to delete this. It would have been more useful to show me a link to a recent post then to have taken the time to write with such a bothered tone.

    Regardless, thanks for your reply. And: Don't Worry. Be Happy.
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    Not offended just trying to steer u in the right direction...good luck!
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    try any of the underarmour shoes. thats what i wear when im in tha hospital. that or crocks. i tried nike myself, and personaly my pair was great for about the first month, and then they seemed to "break down" and killed my feet.
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    New Balance walking shoes have served me very well. I got them fairly cheaply at a NB Outlet in our local Outlet Mall.
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    Go to a walking/running store. Not footlocker or Finish Line. Let them help you determine whether if you are an over or under pronator. Then purchase a shoe designed for your specific stride. The brand shouldn't really matter in the big grande scheme. What matters is if that shoe is made for the way you walk.

    For me, it's Asics Gel Nimbus all the way. Nothing else ever.

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