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New guy here. I'm a 46 yr old single dad of 3 daugters (that accounts for some of what's wrong with my brain). I've decided to take the plunge and start the prereqs at my local community college with the intent to become... Read More

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    Here's a good one:

    Female Nurse = Nurse

    Male Nurse = Nurse

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    Quote from zieglarf
    Instead of running away from the term "murse" we need to OWN it. So when you see another murse on the floor just ask - "Wha's up murse?" and keep it going like a beer commercial. If a non-murse uses it then stare hard at them and say coldly - "You aren't allowed to use that word."
    It's kind of like how certain ethnic groups refer to each other as a derogatory term as though it is acceptable, but if any other group refers to them then it immediately becomes derogatory again.
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    My name badge reads "Staff Ninja - Clan Poop-wiper"
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    When I was a nursing student I was asked why I wanted to me a male nurse and answered that it would have been to much trouble to become a female nurse.
    In the UK military we never dropped the title of Matron for nurse in charge so lots of men held that title and it slowly worked its way back into the NHS so lots of male managers go by matron now.
    I've had more fun since getting my midwifery qualification and always get refered to as the 'purposely bearded midwife' on the postnatal ward.

    I do like that 'What up Murse?! idea and plan to start it first thing on Monday's handover!!
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    It could be worse. I refuse to use the title, flight attendant. They are stewardess and male stewardess.
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    I even think that the name Registered Nurse sounds to Post office like.
    So i guess Certified Nurse, First-Class Nurse, and Express Nurse could add to the dimension too?

    How about Snail-MALE nurse.....for the slow guy nurses out there?
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