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For all you male nurses out there, I was wondering if any of you wear your scrubs tucked in? Personally I think it looks professional. I really haven't seen many male nurses that wear their scrubs... Read More

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    Quote from Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    ...patients do not know what the colors mean.
    Color-coding isn't for the patients; it's for the staff who have to respond to units they aren't necessarily familiar with, such as rapid response. If I'm called up from the ED, or am dropping off a patient transported on the monitor, it's really convenient to me to know what someone's job is by looking at the color of their scrubs.
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    Men's shirts shouldn't be tucked in unless your wearing a belt or in the NHL.
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    I'm in RN school and I could never see tucking in those big pockets into my scrub pants. I personally think it would look silly. If they are OR scrubs, then yes I can see tucking them in as an option, because they do not have the big pockets attached to them.
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    I only wear scrub tops that have those pockets at the bottom. Working M/S-Tele-SDU/PCU, I always end up carrying so many supplies around with me that the extra pockets are useful. Plus with all the bending over and crouching involved in the job, I think that anything that got tucked in would come out anyway.

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