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I'm new to the site and before opening this thread I browsed around to see if there were any topics open or even comments on male nurse hair styles. All of the current (to my knowledge) are just hair styles or tips for females... Read More

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    Among the staff, I see all sorts of hair styles... 'hawks, ponies, buzzes, 'fros, shaved... (no mullets, anymore)

    Among students and job seekers, though... conservative and nondescript should the plan.

    You can always grow it out again.

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    If you want to be thought of as a professional, then you must LOOK like a professional.
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    It may or may not be an issue. In my opinion, which doesn't count for squat, it sounds fine. Before you change your look drastically, ask your program director if your hair style is ok. Preferably before you start classes so you are saved the embarrassment of being called out in class for breaking the school appearance code.
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    I didn't expect so many answers, being so new lol. All of you come from great directions and make excellent points. I just felt that though my hair is styled differently than most that I can still represent myself as a professional with my personality and my hair simply just being apart of who I am.

    But as many of you stated it really will depend on the rules established within the course and work force. I just took heat from my girlfriend and her mom telling me I won't be taken seriously with this style. So, that's what sparked the interest in this matter.

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    I actually had a faux hawk for my first few months of employment. Got too many comments from my coworkers and patients with how it looked so I just ended up getting it clean cut and combed over. Nothing from management though, they were okay with it.
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    You have bigger fires to fight as a male nurse my friend.
    I have long hair and a ponytail...meh, nobody cares.
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    I have to admit I have been judgemental of people with different hairstyles, peircings, and tatoos. I realize that overall it's a trend that many seem to follow. I think as long as you have good hygiene and behave professionaly you should be alright. You may get judged at first on how you look, that's how people are, but ultimately it's your behavior and attitude that will leave an impression.
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    I think you are absolutely correct shermrn...our behavior speaks volumes about who we are.

    I worked on the Alaska pipeline as a younger man and developed quite a "rough" and wild look.
    Nursing became my second career a while back.
    I suspect that there may be some increased tolerance to men who look like me up here, as compared to lets say Houston maybe, but all in all it should be more about our behavior than our appearance.
    At least if we are clean and presentable, you know, not smelling bad etc.
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    Meh. As a student, I'm pretty sure the professors expect modesty and are more on the conservative side. That said, their students represents the education staff, even at work if they still work by bedside or in whatever setting outside education. I had longer hair in school, my prof encouraged me to cut it shorter. Outside of school, it matters much less. Facial hair, fauhaux, tattoos.. seen it all. Unit and manager preference. Just make sure you look good on your interview when the time comes. As a student just stay on your profs good side and follow their "suggestions." it's not worth the argument, you want their letter of recommendations in the near future.
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    That said, I rock a faux hawk as well, and other days comb it over, and others it's a mess as I run out the door shuffling my hair with wax. My patients and coworkers enjoy my hair, I oddly get a lot of comments daily. Anyways, you're gonna get a different answer from a lot of people and you're just gonna have to realize it will vary.. And results not typical haha.

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