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Hello all. I'm in the process of applying to a local university as a pre-nursing student. The question that I have for you is.....Is it realistic to work full time while attending nursing school? I'm... Read More

  1. by   Argo
    welll.... I cant find how to PM you.... the site is I was probably one of the first 5 to graduate and be licensed through their program. They started with a grant from the department of education to try and help with the upcoming and current nursing shortage trying to see if a straight internet based program would work. You WILL however need your pre-requisites before you do it. you do NOT have to be a nurse prior to taking their classes..... just have your basic nursing school pre-requisites. I graduated about 2.5 years ago and have worked in Surgery since that day as a circulator, now department manager/director. I love the job..... go for it, I dont think you will regret it. Oh and there are two program paths on that site, one for ADN is through Delmar College and one for BSN which is through Texas A&M Corpus Christi campus
  2. by   jjean331
    anyone know of a school in either NYC/NJ/CT that allows you to complete your BSN nights/weekends? I'm looking to get a 2nd degree so I rather get my BSN since it seems most hospitals where I live require a BSN.
  3. by   Butterfliesnroses
    During my pre-req's I worked full time. It was doable. However there were 2 days/week when I seen my daughter 2 hours. So I promised myself I wouldn't do that again! In the program I work 2 days/week and take our student loans and my financial aid to supplement my income. I'm so much happier. I actually get to see my family! But each situation is different. Just go with it and find out what works for you and your family.