Im a male and want to be a nurse

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    Im a male and I'm currently working on the pre-requisites for BSN. Any advice?? I really would like to start off here and eventually get more experienced and go on to be a practitioner or PA. Has anybody done this?? How are the nursing conditions in Texas?

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    Good start. I do recommend BSN if you have time and money because you will not regret it. Texas is a pretty big place. but I live in East Texas and we have good opportunities here. I also recommend that you work as an RN before deciding about NP or PA. You will be able to focus on the type of education you prefer once you understand more about the industry and will be able to network with co-workers, including MD's, to help you plan your career. Good luck!
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    okay because Im from southern part of Texas, and reading all this stuff I'm not sure if this is right. One of my number one goals after high school was to help people. I really want an entrance into a medical field so I can get more experienced and hopefully advance my position. With all these negative comments I'm not sure if this is right, you have any advice that could help me?? Thanks for the advice!
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    moved forbest response....

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    what does this mean?? lol what was moved? sorry I just signed up to this lol
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    It means your thread was moved to another more appropriate forum since you posted it in the wrong forum.
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    Im a male and I want to be a nurse. Im currently working on my pre-requisites for my BSN and after I want to pass the test to become a RN. After some experience I would like to advance my knowledge and become a Practitioner or PA. Any advice?? Has anybody done this?? What are the nursing conditions in Texas? This is my goal but I feel unsure because of all the negative posts. Can someone please offer me any type of advice?? I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Andy, your first post is still here. It was moved to the Male Nurses forum. You don't need to repost your question.
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    First off welcome.

    Now you are very wise to be concerned - it is a horrible time for new nurses (since 2007 bad) and not too bad for a few years experienced nurses, but horrible for very very experienced nurses.

    You say you are interested in becoming a PA - if so, don't do nursing. PA is different and separate and not connected to nursing. You might do a search here on allnurses (upper right) and you probably will find many threads exhausting everything you had a question about concerning nursing, PA, or NP.

    Not gonna blow smoke up your skirt, it's a sucky time for nursing. You are gonna have to throw the dice and decide what you want to do. Just be mindful of debt, and how you intend to pay if back if there turns out no job when you graduate.
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    oh not sure if i could find it, thank you for the info

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