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I'm 20 and a NJ National Guard Infantry men and I'm think about go to school for my RN. I was wondering is there a Demand for male nurses, and how do male nurses fit in this field. I enjoy helping... Read More

  1. by   Instructor2
    Sex/gender should not figure into your decision. Nursing is a fine career for anyone who likes people, is intreed in healthcare, and has a mind for science. As a nursing instructor, I see many male students for whom nursing is a 2nd degree, and many tell me they didn't choose nursing first because they were discouraged by family and friends and told that nursing is a female profession. We need to stop thinking this way-anyone with the desire and qualifications can be a nurse.
  2. by   Instructor2
    If a male nurse is a nurse, is a female nurse a furse? Get over the sex stereotypes!
  3. by   Stratiotes
    I don't believe gender has any part in getting hired or how you're treated by employers.

    However, as much as stereotype deniers try to say otherwise, there are situations in which male and female nurses are treated differently. The truth is, while we as professionals may put stereotypes aside--many patients and even physicians have not. There are elderly women who can't fathom a man providing their nursing care. There are certain cultures where it is against their values for a man to see them naked, even in a professional role.

    It isn't uncommon for female patients to request a female nurse bathe them, place their foley, etc. Yet, I don't think I've once witnessed a patient, male or female, who didn't feel comfortable with a female nurse.

    And then there are times when patients who are confused or combative respond better to a masculine presence.

    This said, I've never once felt that being a male nurse is any more or less challenging. You simply work with your coworkers to accommodate the situations in which a certain gender would be more appropriate. I don't know how many times I've asked a female nurse to put in my female patient's foley while I offered to pass their meds or something in exchange.
  4. by   ken1955
    It would be great for you. Your young and can learn a lot. I have ben in the hospital and I have had male and female nurses. They are all nice. Good luck Ken
  5. by   ken1955
    I'm a male and I have had male and female nurses take care of me. I was just in the hospital for a heart ablation. It took a total of 9 hours. Before I had it I had to be shaved all over. I had a male nurse do it. He was just assigned to me. And the next day I had a male take out my catheter. I think a female put it in but I was out. There were 3 female nurses in the a-fib lab. Has the other post said there are sometime the patient will ask for one or the other. When I had my gall baller out I had a female nurse come in and ask if it was all right to shave me or would I like a male nurse. I told here that it was ok for her. She was very nice and did a good job. For me I don't care who does anything for me as long as they ask first. I like to know what is going on. Take care all Ken
  6. by   Eurobreakstar
    I am a nursing student and while everyone here is right that there is a demand for nurses, good ones in particular, there by not means should be a higher request for males of females. HOWEVER, as a male nursing student I have been treated significantly different during clinical by patients, nurses, and doctors based on initial impression. It could be that I am a bit older but I do know that my time in NICU, OB, and Peds, the nursing managers had stated many times that they need more male nurses on those units. I have worked along side many male nurses in these units who have been there 10+ years but the truth of the matter is that males are typically outnumbered close to 10:1 and I don't think they preference male nurses over females but try to be more supportive of males entering the field due to the high level of discrepancy in male to female ratios.
  7. by   GuineaPigs
    From my personal experience... they like to mess with you a bit.

    The other thing, patients always call me doc. Even though I repeatedly correct them.
  8. by   barcode120x
    @ Eurobreakstar
    Very true and had happened to me during nursing school (except I'm on the much younger end haha). For the most part, I've had great experiences with patients, family, and nurses during school and even to this day as well. I've been treated fairly well and "on the same level" (if that means anything) when talking with docs compared to some of my female counterparts.

    @ GuineaPigs
    Happens to me all the time as well haha. Sometimes they think I'm too young to be nurse too
  9. by   pinfinity
    Basically, as others have said; you overstate your "maleness'...however, as anywhere there is a 300+ lb patient needing assitance off the floor , your presence is valued; yet others on this post would have you believe it does not matter...shame on them
  10. by   gcupid
    i think many patients prefer us. Ive heard over and over again that "yall make the best nurses"
  11. by   ILUVERNSG
    Bring on the male nurses!
  12. by   nsue
    I have a daughter who is chronically ill and has been hospitalized numerous times. I have met some amazing male nurses who provide competent compassionate care. On the other hand I have met some very arrogant know it alls. So I guess like in every other profession it is about who the individual is.
  13. by   Male2017RN
    I worked in the ER and about half the people there were guys.