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    Most perfumes are just about as bad as garlic anyway

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    What... you're on Fakebook with a Public account but don't want the Public looking..... oh that's funny

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    I want to apply at your facility. I will only work dayshift Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I will be chomping at the bit just waiting for them to approach me about Thursdays the same way they are trying to bamboozle you...... I soooo wish I could actually do this, it would great fun...

    It's worth me re-upping my license....

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    Stop with all the crying just stop it. Tears are blood in the water. Since you also apologized, that just made it all the worse. You're not ready for charge yet and It's more than likely too late to gain any respect with this crew. Normally I always advise to stand up for yourself, but I really think you are best to leave. Possibly even with little or no notice and this is because if they know you are leaving, they just may set you up with something that will endanger a clean record. But others may advise differently.. Are you 18 months a nurse or 18 months in this facility?

    Good luck to you..I do wish you well but you need to work on those emotions.

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    More nurses should also start informing families, and then hook them up with administration

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Chooks are the pieces of grout you pick out of the seam between tiles when you scrub a bathroom.
    Oh ewww, ewwww ewwww ewwww


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    Hey awesome screen name OP. Very fitting.....

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    I happen to love nursing, (actual hands-on, supportive and therapeutic patient care). It was a second-career choice for me, after a great career in manufacturing. I gave nursing 'several' years, and went back to manufacturing a 'couple-few' years ago. I miss it every single day but there is no way in holy hell I'm going back.

    I could handle anything but the chronic and unmitigated understaffing. Fix this one issue and 99.999% of the usual nursing negatives will rectify themselves.

    There are other issues but this is by far the big one. It puts unnecessary stress on every other aspect of nursing care.

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    Ask her why she does this

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    1199 cannot do anything for you, nor could any other union. Nursing unions are historically weak and ineffective in regards to understaffing and that is because they are made up of ....nurses... Who are historically weak and ineffective about advocating for themselves as a whole. Part of the whole "calling" complex. Just the way it is...

    Your best bet is to leave, and on your way out the door, inform the families, the media, etc.

    Good luck to you.

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    In similar situations in the future (now that the op apparently does not still work in that pigsty, the families should also be informed, although in many cases that they will already know).

    Good luck to you op.

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    [QUOTE=canoehead;9671861]This is one of the best replies I've seen on allnurses. All hail.

    I absolutely agree. Does this board have a 'Post of the Year' designation? If not, then maybe it should...

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    I came from a high-paid factory job, and went back to it several years later (after banging my head against the wall in nursing, particularly ltc) and I love it. I miss nursing but ain't no way in holy hell I'm going back if I can help it. I make more than the 20 + nurses I know well, and enjoy much better and more plentiful benefits and vacation/personal/sick time off. If you think about it, that's pretty sad that the industry I'm in treats it's people better than any healthcare job I've had. I've gotten one of my old unit managers a good job in this field.

    Sad but very true.

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    Quote from RNCM123
    I don't make six figures, but I also don't consider that a lot of money in today's economy. But whatever, **** me right? I should just keep working with miserable ***** like you because I get paid a semi-livable wage! Go nursing!
    Lol you're funny. But parbly a good idea, keeps ya's all in one place...

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    I also agree wholeheartedly with this. The only thing that I just could not continuously accept was/is chronic and unmitigated understaffing. Fix that and 999.9999% of the problems in this field will dissapate because that is the biggest stressor in the field.