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    Oh good lord. I'm going 12 hours for six days this week btw....

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    I left nursing and went back to manufacturing.....problem solved.

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    I always kept the COW, the bedside table, scanners, med cart, etc.wiped off. Hell even in my present factory job, I wipe my workdesk, the phone, computer keypad, office doorknobs, scanners, table surface , etc., down every morning before start of shift.. I ride a bike or scooter out on the shop floor, it gets wiped down too. Germaphobe here, too.....

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    Your cousin is a petty and jealous pig, who is probably unhappy in her own life. You're weak in her eyes. Stand up to her and back her off.

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    I think I still have my tagging gun for the cows stashed in the barn.....

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    The pays not bad either, after you've been in the field a few years. Not the best money I've made, but decent.

    But honestly you don't have to be a nurse to be all you've stated here. Consequently there's a whole hell of a lot of nurses who are nowhere near as high on the bar you're setting. And a whole hell of a lot of those who are, even though they may dig ditches for a living.

    The biggest problem nurses seem to have as a whole is swallowing their pride, and allowing themselves to be treated poorly.. That's why the biggest issue of nursing, which is chronic and unmitigated understaffing will most likely always proliferate...

    Nice post, but just keepin' it real... you will learn...

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    I've seen it a few times. It's been attempted on me a few times also. I put a fat stop on that and taught the offending pig how to treat me. Next....

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    I'm glad you're finishing out. Nursing may not be for you and that's ok. But you will still have your degree. Know that it will definitely be much more difficult and stressful and more than likely aggravating (possibly even hopeless) when you are actually practicing. You will have many legal and moral responsibilities when you are out on your own working. This will be especially true and apparent after you get through orientation and are practicing on your own. You may or may not get through it.

    And don't worry about having time to chit-chat and get to know your patients, you won't have time for that anyway.

    School is the easiest part along with the least stressful part of this whole nursing thing. I had no medical background when I began school, I had never been a cna or even had children of my own. I wanted to work with elderly people, but had never had a relative in ltc or even rehab, we took care of our elders at home. I had never even been inside a nh. I excelled in class, but when I began clinicals, it was quite the eye-opener, but nothing like when I began actually working in ltc, whoa... But that's where I spent about 90%+ of my nursing employment. I am through with nursing now, having left due to chronically hopeless understaffing. I have returned to my previous career and have regained all that I lost when I began nursing (plus extra).

    I won't be returning to nursing, but my experience has been valuable and I'm glad I did my time in the field.

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    I'm still here (and staying) because I love nursing.

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    School (including and *especially* clinicals), is by far the easiest, most stress-free part of the whole nursing thing.

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    Until there is some form continuing relief from inappropriate, unrelenting, chronic, don't-give-a-damn understaffing, that is *all* that nursing home care will ever truly be...just a series of tasks to complete.

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    [QUOTE=Hope2banurse1;9735329]Tell me what is wrong with my vocabulary? Oh is it the bad words? I know my rights and I know about labor laws. So, no, I won't be working 24 hours straight because someone didn't come to work. Oh, but they're gonna fire me was your next response? I will sue the hell out of them. I am not a pushover, nor am I a person that doesn't know how to research or read up on laws.

    Fairly laughable right there...yes. Obviously not much time in healthcare yet.

    And I will not be following this post any longer.

    Yes, of course...

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    I used to drive about 35 miles to a nh job. It was in a fairly rural village, in a very well-known snowbelt area. I would routinely pass by the homes of staff who lived in the village, I would get there, work my shift, and then get mandated because they had called off due to snow. Or the ones who worked the other hall on my same shift would also call off, leaving me with
    60 residents.Twice I also ended up being on duty for 24 hours straight...and then had to get home 35 miles away... lazy pigs.

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    So many pigs in healthcare. You know, I work in a manufacturing plant now (left nursing completely because of b.s. like this garbage). I make more money with better working conditions, security, benefits, blah, blah, blahblahblah...I love and miss nursing but there's no way in holy hell I'm ever going back...

    How did this crap (amongst all the other crap) of finding your own replacement *evverrrr* get started anyway?

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    Quote from Mousyrn
    How long before Im flagged?

    Good God, another one worried only about getting caught...