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    Quote from NutmeggeRN
    Meanwhile in Manchester, NH they want the nurses inspecting food from home for potential allergens...with no way to identify or mitigate cross contamination....
    I was able to put a stop to this, this year. Presumably adults can read a label and I put my foot down about risking my license by authorizing homemade foods that could have manufacturing or cross contamination issues. Once I got approval from the principal and board to make the teachers responsible well...lets just say that wasn't met with enthusiasm.

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    Quote from nmr79
    That's nuts! You shouldn't be expected to find your own coverage-- you're not the one planning them!
    Most of us have to find our own subs too if we ever, God forbid, need a day off. No one else has to do that.

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    Quote from Flare
    i have to set up coverage for field trips. It irritates me because i am the only department so to speak that has to find their own coverage. The teachers that serve as chaperons just say that they are going and wipe their hands of it. I don't even go on most of them and i have to find warm bodies with nursing degrees to go on all these trips. I currently have 7 that i am working on

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    Same except we are on a 10 month schedule.

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    Quote from JenTheSchoolRN
    I'm not sure they would hold up unless stored properly, which how and with what space?
    I think everything gets archived in a place called iron mountain. I know schools keep the records for a looong time before they are sent out because not too long ago I needed a copy of my graduation cert and immunizations from way back in the early 80's and my old HS had it within a day. I was also able to get a copy of hand written immunizations from my elementary school in the early 70's.

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    I have windows that open and a back door to the outside. Win!

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    You might also consider a referral to a school counselor if she needs to talk. Now that she is a senior she may be worried about what comes next.

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    In NJ you have to have a bachelors and DOE certification as well. The cert involves 15-22 credits above the bachelors with a clinical and annual CEU's.

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    In New Jersey it's 100 years.

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    My goal is to take an uninterrupted lunch. Never gonna happen, but it's a goal. One of my actual goals is to have 100% of my screenings complete before Thanksgiving.

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    I'm so very sorry for your loss. There are no words that diminish the pain but know we are here for you. <<hugs>>

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    Just an idea but could you set up and run prevention teaching at the different schools?

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    Welcome! This group makes the best nurses station anywhere.

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    Quote from JerseyTomatoMDCrab
    The wedding was lovely! Thanks for asking, we had a great time. I'm a married lady now!

    So, in NJ as I may have mentioned before, requires a post grad SN certificate to work in a school here. Now that the wedding is over I have been seriously looking into programs in my area. Some schools will hire you if you are enrolled and working towards the certificate as well so I really think this will be the right move for me. I am paid very well for my current position but that is really the only perk and it truly isn't worth it anymore. Life is too short! I was a good SN and I really loved it.

    I'll keep you guys posted about this new development. Thank you all so much for always listening.
    Miss you too! FYI I did mine at and asynchronous. If you are in or near northwest NJ you could do your clinical with me if you wanted to. Good luck!!

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    The kids, having my own clinic, and the not to be beat anywhere on earth schedule.