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    I just got back from the campus intensive. We did rotations for physical assessments. We were paired and got taught by faculty on how to do the head to toe. We had OSCE ( similar to a clinic visit, and head-toe exam graded by faculty). We also practiced how to do pelvic exam and anal exams from real people called GUTA. I really enjoyed the GUTA. They were very helpful in teaching us how to do a cervical exam, obtaining sample etc on real patients not manequins.
    I've heard that USC is waiting to hear for official announement for accreditation next week. They were informed that they did not have any deficiencies during the visit last year.

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    I'm heading for on campus intensive next week. I will let you know. Clinical is 14 hours a week or 2-3 days a week, then 1 day for classes. Most of us are per diem or part time. It's hard to keep up with full time work. I also work only during weekends. My Monday is off and mostly spent reading modules. I will ask about accreditation next week.

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    where are you located Maemir?

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    There are schools offering NP with ER as specialization. There are also dual majors. Others will do FNP then take courses for ENP. I'm doing the FNP to ENP route.

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    USC in LA will find preceptors for you.

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    They are an agency. You are basically an employee of passport USA until you finished the number of hours stipulated in your contract.

    Hospital pays Passport USA, Passport USA pays you. That is what I know when I spoke to them.

    "Direct hire" is if you applied directly to the hospital. Then the hospital files the petition for you via their in-house legal office etc.

    I am in California now and I can attest, they are legit.

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    The bridge was 8 weeks. 2 hours live session a week, and 8 long modules.

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    I did the bridge. 70% of the class did the bridge. It was doable. There's 2 in my class who didn't made it. The bridge is really helpful in advanced Patho. Right now, the details of what we are studying is very challenging and having a background of ,for example, signal transduction, in the bridge course, made it easier to study the major concepts in the 2nd semester. I'm doinf a part time program and I got to be honest, it feels like full time. With the asynchronous , weekly live sessions and homework, it's pretty much the only thing I do off work. The instructors arereally helfpul though, some are from UPenn and mostly are from John Hopkins.

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    So I'm on part time, 33 months. I take 2 courses at a time. FNP. It's honestly heavy. I started studying last night at 7pm and I just finished at 7am. I'm dying LOL
    if you need student visa. You need the in person school. USC is hybrid and you can't get a student visa from it.
    I was in Seattle last year and If had the option I'd go with U.W. It's closed to home.

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    My present program recommends cardiology 3 or 4. physiology book from Constancio per instructor from U.Penn. It actually depends, but any Ana and Physiology book is fine.

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    I wish I can stop working but can't. I need to work. So I'm taking 2 courses at a time. 8 semesters total including summer.

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    California will not process your application without a US Social security number.
    I am Canadian. I applied to WA state first, got a job and applied for a TN status. When border officer granted my work status went to Social Security office to get my number. When the card arrived, applied to California.

    There is no way around this. You need to apply to a state that do not require a US social security number.

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    Quote from SpankedInPittsburgh
    I'm a DNP student going into my last semester after working in a busy ER for a long time. I think specialization is a great idea. These programs try to cover "everything" and as a result you get a narrow knowledge of a ton of information. The future of NP seems to be a DNP. Instead of spending almost a year working on this glorified term paper designed to give us some of the credibility of a PhD how about have us concentrate on what most of us will be doing which is not statistical analysis and data collection. I've read many, many of these CAPSTONES and most lend little to the profession. I don't know the answer to this absolutely but my significant other for several years was an MD. She stated that the docs were to busy trying to learn how to cure sick folks to engage in this exercise and wasn't part of medical school or their residency. I don't know if its part of current medical school curriculum presently but it seems like a tremendous amount of educational time and resources spent on little practical return to me. Anyway that's my two cents. Happy New Year's!!!
    I agree. Instead of doing tons of research / term paper, I would prefer a DNP with a year of fellowship or residency to an area of specialty. This will add thousand of clinical hours to our training. I am only on my 2nd semester though, what do I know lol

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    Quote from bcnurseperson
    How do you like the program so far? Do you have any plans after grad in terms of residency and visas?
    I got no plans after grad yet. The program is very challenging I sometimes asked myself why am I doing this? LOL I need to get through this degree first and then I will plan haha

    I do like the USC program. The courses are very difficult though. I compared by courses to a friend of mine who is doing an exact course, and we both agree that mine requires more time and studying. I am currently on a TN visa as a Canadian. You can study with your TN provided that it is not the main reason why you have a TN status. Hence, I am working full time as a travel RN in the ED and studying part time. Eventually, I will have to take assignments in Southern California when clinical starts.

    We do not qualify for US student loans but we qualify for Canadian student loans. Basically, you apply for school, get approved and apply for Canadian student loans to pay for US school as long as the university or school is a qualified institution. I am not sure where you are residing in Canada, but student loan is provincially managed so it might be different per province.

    I am paying out of pocket though. I just need to work my ass off.

    Let me know if you have questions.

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    I am a member of Sigma Theta Tau too. I barely do anything with it. I probably should. I just put it on my resume LOL