Nurse Eye Roll

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Nurse Eye Roll is a twenty-something bedside critical care nurse, first time adult, and author of the nursing blog, When she�s not getting someone off of the bedpan, she�s watching Netflix with her husband, hanging out with her two rescue pups, or ruining a recipe she found on Pinterest.

Those Kind of Tears That Make Your Throat Burn

by nursey246 - It was a normal shift. I started out with the typical two patients. One stable and one not so much. My not-so-stable patient was a 50-something guy with a wife and 4 kids. He had a massive...

Centimeters Away From Brain Death

by nursey246 - I walked onto the chaotic neuro intensive care unit and saw a bed was missing. Great. They probably had to take that patient to an emergent CT scan. I looked down at the assignment.. and, of...

Time management tips for new critical care nurses

by nursey246 - After I get report on my two patients, I print and interpret my telemetry strips and verify their alarms on the monitor. I then decide which one is less stable (or more labor intensive if they are...