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Why is there a Bully on the Playground?

by Ahvegas - There may be a few people reading this who have never experienced bullying. But, I'm pretty sure every organization of every type, has had to address the subject on some level. Just read or watch...

A thief named Alzheimer's

by Ahvegas - It's a weird feeling. To love someone that isn't quite sure who you are. It grips you, right in the heart, the blank stare. The one where they look right thru you. And you wonder, are they trying...

Is nursing my calling

by Ahvegas - If I knew then what I know now....would I still have chosen nursing? I ask my self that more often, especially after seeing my daughter graduate nursing school and embark on her own nursing career. ...

I am not a storyteller

by Ahvegas - I am not a storyteller. I am not a person whose story needs to be heard. But I have met those whose story is worth telling. And so I will set forth to the best of my ability to share their story. ...