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  • Oct 19 '16

    Quote from inteRN
    Don't shake...that like telling someone-- dont be hungry. suggestions??? shaking is my huge problem.
    Is your shaking due to nerves? I would say that the more you can make a routine of the whole process, the easier it will get. Set up your supplies the same way everytime. Palpate with the same finger everytime. Make the same sort of soothing comments (explaining what you're doing) to the patient everytime. Then the actual getting the IV into the vein will also start to feel part of the routine and you'll get faster and faster.

    When I was first starting, I would get blood return, get the IV in there, and say "very good!" to the patient while I finishing things off. They seemed to like it, but secretly I was congratulating myself on a good stick. Well.... I still sometimes do this.

  • Apr 19 '16

    There's no way to really know, however, 27 SATA seems unusual.

    When I took my PN NCLEX, I got about 30 med questions - generic name only, no context to the question, just xxx med, choose the action or side effect or contraindication. Most of the meds I hadn't heard of before. It seemed almost cruel, you know?

    I wonder if this many SATA threw you into a higher level tier with a lot of alternate questions. Let us know how you did, OK?