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Why I cannot hate the Affordable Care Act

“Well why didn’t you just get a new inhaler?” I felt a sinking pit in my stomach. I was at a follow up visit to my doctor after ending up in the ER a few weeks before because bronchitis had made my asthma worse and I couldn’t breathe. The first thing my doctor asked me was where my inhaler was when this had happened. After all, that was in my plan. I tried to explain to her that I only had one inhaler and it had been stolen the week before when I was riding the bus. Somehow, despite my... Read More →

To the nurse who held my hand

Dear Nurse, You didn't know this but several years ago, I was burned out. That I had forgotten why I loved my job for so long. That despite the nurses I was working with being great and encouraging I had found a place that was just not the place for me. That I was taking a break and unsure of if I would go back. You didn’t know I was trying new things when I got pregnant. That I wasn't happy to find out I was pregnant. That I had thought I would never be able to get pregnant. That I had... Read More →

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