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A Morning in the Life of a Nurse and a Doctor

She comes home livid. She's glaring at the garage door as it cr-cr-creaks its way open, revealing an old, beat-up Subaru parked happily in the one-car space where she was gonna cram her relatively new SUV into. The sight of the vehicle's dull, green paint brings unspeakable, almost unbearable relief. She realizes he is still home and that's the best news she could have gotten after the horrible night she's trying so damn hard to shake. She ignores the cheerful dog who greets her at... Read More →

Compassion is a Commodity

After five days off, I drive to work singing. I'm a little off-key, but the windows are up, and my favorite songs are all queued up in preparation for the forty or so minutes my car will take to weave through 1740 traffic on my way to a place that I used to call my sanctuary. I grew up in hospitals, I used to tell anyone who asked why I would ever want to be in this profession. This is my natural habitat. But I digress.. The point is that I've been away for five days, and I was, for once,... Read More →