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It Only Takes a Smile.

Lessons in dying........... Two people I knew died this week. Two souls very different from each other. I knew one a long time ago and honestly did not have much of a relationship with him, like some of my other peers from the College of Marin Drama Department did, but I was still touched because of the intensity of his spirit, the memory of his engaging and powerful eyes that looked right through you. The other was a co-worker at the hospital where I work as an RN. She was, a humble spirit... Read More →

Nursing: Moment by Moment

I am sure the first nurses were motivated by a desire to alleviate pain and suffering. In the days of limited technology, a soothing voice, a reassuring hand, bandages, prayers and warm water might have been all they needed. I am sure many patients were soldiers who died while being cared for by a nurse. Knowledge of the body was limited, as was an understanding of disease, and pathogens. In some ways life was simpler as people stayed focused on the basic tasks. In other ways, life was more... Read More →