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    I haven't heard anything yet either. From what I heard it's supposed to be mid/late week before they start making calls.

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    I was invited for an interview too. Does anyone know when the Education Commons and Learning Resources Center Tour is? I said I would attend, but there was no mention of a time/date. I'm guessing around noon since it asked about lunch. My interview is on the 5th but late in the afternoon, so I want to make sure I'm supposed to be there early for the lunch/tour. I would assume there is a tour for each day of the interviews?

    I was going to email the Program Manager, but I figured if anyone had any info it would save us all the trouble since sometimes they're slow to respond (at least to me). I'm sure they're busy right now with the school name change and some people not getting the supplemental app, etc.

    I'm coming from Statesboro (about an hour outside of Savannah) so it's not like driving from Pensacola but I do have about a 2 hour drive. Looking forward to meeting everyone! One of the co-workers is also applying. I haven't heard if he got an interview but I'm sure he did with a 3.9 GPA. :-)

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    I'm trying not to be impatient but it's getting excruciating waiting and waiting to hear something. Checking my email every day but still no supplemental app. Nursing CAS took 3 weeks to verify my coursework after I submitted my application. Good luck to everyone applying!

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    I was just wondering why it's important to take grad-level courses prior to admission to CRNA school. I see it mentioned a lot on these threads as a way to boost your appeal to the admission boards at different schools. If I spent the time and money to take a grad-level Pharm, Patho, or A&P class, wouldn't I have to take it/them all over once I entered the CNRA program? I understand the idea of showing the school you can take graduate courses and do well, but I don't see the point of taking the ones I mentioned and them having to take them again later. They don't transfer, do they?

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    Hey everyone...

    I've been checking out this forum for a few years now and finally decided to become a member, mainly because I need some advice on some job options. I graduated with my BSN in May of 2012, worked as an ADON of a nursing home for 6 months, and for the last 8 months have been working night shift on a Med-Surg/Telemetry floor. I feel like I have a good foundation of my basic nursing skills (even though I know there's plenty I haven't seen, done, etc) and am ready to move on to a specialty area.

    My main reason for wanting to make a change now is, lately our supervisors have been calling nurses off left and right due to the patient census on our floor being low. I work at a fairly small rural hospital, so there's not a lot of opportunity to float us to other units, even though I'd love to at least orient in L&D or somewhere else. Anyway, I REALLY feel like OR nursing is where I want to be. It's a genuine interest of mine, but unfortunately in nursing school our time in the OR was minimal. My areas of interest at the end of nursing school were L&D and OR, but for whatever reason my teacher placed me on a Postpartum floor at a small hospital for my preceptorship. She said we had to take what we got because there were so many students she was having trouble placing us. I feel like I should have said something at the time, but that's in the past now I guess. I got very little valuable experience in either of the two areas I was interested in, and because I have no connections I ended up having to start my nursing career on Med-Surg, which I'm not very passionate about. I'm just feeling very frustrated because I don't want to be stuck on this unit much longer. There are other areas of nursing I would love to be doing right now. I just need to get my foot in the door.

    I applied to a position at a larger hospital, which is actually closer to where I live, on their "Inpatient Surgery" unit. Naively, I didn't know much about what the title meant until I went for the interview, and the job description was vague. I just saw the word "surgery" and was interested. Basically this floor is pre- and post- Surgery patients, and I would be doing a lot of the same stuff I'm doing now. I won't actually be in the operating room. I haven't been offered anything yet; I'm supposed to hear from them in about a week. My question to all of you is, if I'm offered a job on this floor, should I take it? Will experience on an Inpatient Surgery floor (and having it on my resume) help me in any way get a job IN the OR in the future? If not, I may wait until December and try to get in an OR Nursing Residency at that same hospital.

    Just wanting anyone's advice who may have some input. Thanks for letting me vent.