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    I will be interveiwing for a case management job with Humana. It is a 50/50 job. 50 at hospital and 50 at home. Anyone working with humana at home. How are they to work for. Any advise for the face to face interview. I have been home for 2 years will my daughter but have over 10 years cm experence before that. With a tpa and occ health. Thanks for any advise.

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    I have a Il rn license and will be applying online for a texas license. Does anyone know how long it takes?

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    Quote from rpurdue
    Hi Guys/Girls! I'm a Canadian RN who's being recruited by Spohn in Corpus Christi. I have 8 years ER experience and would be bringing my wife and daughter. My question is if any nurses out there have any positive or negative experiences to share. Both Spohn at Corpus Christi and Memorial in Savannah are talking to me and it is a really difficult choice. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    I have been living in Corpus for about a year. I have been a nurse in Chicago for over 10 years. Took the year off and am looking about going back to work but I am trying to decide whether to say here or go back to Il to work. I can not tell you about the hospital but I can tell you about the area. This is a nice town if you like the beach and the heat. My family love going to the beach but they hate the heat and no change of seasons. The school by me in the Bluff ( Flour Bluff)are very highly rated. I like living here but I have been told the pay rate is low here compare to Chicago. So I to am trying to decide what I want to do. I hope this is a little help.

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    I am a RN with over 15years experience in Home health and Case managment. Did some occupational health also. Took 1 year off been living in corpus christi, Texas. Was looking to get my texas licnese but they want $174 dollors just for application. Do not know how long it takes I seem to meet all the qualifications but is it worth it. Looking at some other posts makes me think the paid here is substandard. I have my BSN and with my experence I expect to make a least $25 / hour can I make that here? how is the job market here? I like the beach and the warm winters but I also like to be paid well. Re thinking about moving back to IL.

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    Hi I am new to posting been reading post for a couple days and I am concern about the pay rate for experence nurses in texas. I moved from Il and now live in Corpus Christi. Looking to reenter nursing after a year break from case management. I went online to see about getting a Texas lincense and they want $174. I was making over $25 hr in Il and from the post it looks like I would have to take a pay cut here. I thinking on moving back to Il. But I love the beach and warm weather. Can anyone help.