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    I knew going into college that i wanted to be an OPERATING ROOM Nurse. All my professors told me no. Guess what? I didnt care what they said! If you think deep down that is what u want to do then go for it. We always have students shadowing so I dont think it would be a problem if u wanted to shadow an OR nurse for a day. I went straight into the OR (absolutely 0 floor experience) and I have no regrets and i LOVE my job. good luck and follow ur heart.

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    I'm not sure what cutting skills mean either but I this is your first job as a peri operative nurse, I would imagine they don't except you to know everything but my advice to you would be to brush up on ur anatomy, especially if you will be scrubbing the case. I can't imagine they would be using bovie for a facelift but watch out for fire safety since the face is a high O2 area. Good luck!!!

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    i love this post. after first i felt like I was the idiot at my new job. Leaving the doors wide open during procedures? check! . its pathetic when i feel like i have to watch my coworkers when they are "helping" me open instruments onto the sterile field. I voice my complaints to the director and manager but nothing really happens. In fact i have earned by nickname as "The Closer" because i walk around closing OR during setup. Are people really that ignorant!!


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    I LOVE the operating room. I am very passionate about my work and what I do. I am CNOR, BSN, and AORN member and treat every patient like a family member. I recently switched jobs to work at a hospital closer to my new home. I am torn b/c this new hospital is a Level III and (coming from a Level II hospital) i feel like I'm not working to my full potential. Another problem I have is the staff: their sterile technique is emmbarassing (I am constantly telling people to close doors...Pathetic!) and many other things annoy me there too (and i have only been here for 6 months).

    The reason why I am torn is because maybe 15 min from my place is a well known Level I hospital.... Should I switch jobs yet again? My current job pays well and offers a pension plan (yes pension plan!!!) and the work is eeeeaaaassssyyyyy. I am planning on getting my masters next month and i feel i would play a GREAT administrative role in such a small hospital.....

    So i feel like i am not explaining this very well, but i feel like i am not working to my full potential; I wanna go to work and walk out feeling proud of what i accomplished. I cant feel that way doing locals and lipomas all day...

    My other problem is, what if the work at the Level I place is too much for me? (since I have never worked at a Level I before) and I get burn out? Would I be able to apply and do well at an administrative role at a bigger hospital? I cant quit a job and expect them to hire me back when i get my masters.... Will I be better off without a pension plan :/ all these questions go thru my mind and I am torn on what to do. My current job doesnt offer 12' working full time at one and per diem at the other would not work. Mind you im worried about all this and I am only in my late 20's.....

    Just looking for some advice from people that understand my job sorry for the rant and thank you ALL for your advice

    Keep up the good work everybody!!!