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Ebola - Another side of the story. The scary side!

I remember when news about HIV first became public. People were scared and rightly so, because very little was known about this disease. Even though I was much younger at the time, I will never forget the whispers. The whispers when someone died and neighbors thought it should be of HIV. The whispers when someone lost too much weight than the neighbors deemed was necessary. The whispers when someone was deemed unfaithful by the whispering neighbors, who felt it was their right to diagnose... Read More →

I met an angel, my OB nurse

I think of her all the time. I know in secret places of my heart, that I wish to one day touch a life as she touched mine. My OB nurse. I think of her more often now, as my OB rotation for next semester draws near. I ask myself if I could ever be, 1/10th of the nurse she was to me that day. I bend my knees in prayer, and ask God, to engrave it in my heart, that I must daily strive to be, what she was to me. We checked into the hospital that morning, expecting our very first child. We... Read More →

Time served on a waitlist

I had been thinking about it for a very long time now. I needed to apply to a nursing school and get on with my career. I had been postponing this for years and promising myself I'd do it next year, and then next and then next. Now was the perfect time because I had made up my mind. I wanted it NOW! Now was my chance. No more time to waste. Oh hurry! Hurry! I was getting old. Then I set myself to it, doing all the homework. Researching various schools and trying to decide where to go. What... Read More →