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    Our school is currently working on a new sex ed program for kids in 5-8th grades. The new curriculum will be in next month and we will review it and vote whether to start it or not. I will keep you posted. Also, I would not necessarily recommend you use a program that uses "slang", this undermines the kids and misses the point... we need to educate them using the proper terms.

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    Originally posted by goldilocksrn:
    I have recently applied for a public health position for the county I live in and have been accepted for an interview. I was wondering if anyone would/could give me advice as to how to prepare-what kind of questions I can expect to be asked, etc? How can I make a good impression?
    Just be VERY honest with them and yourself. I started working for our local HD in Aug. It was quite an adjustment from geriatric/ nursing home. I absolutely LOVE this work. I do still struggle with the Family Planning/Teen sex issues, but deal with it straight on. I feel I can do more good being there and helping them, than to avoid a topic that is very much a part of our society. Our dept is so small that there are only 2 nurses, and we do anything and everything that comes through. I too enjoy the education links we have. Molly said a lot of good things. Just ask about which duties you will be asked to perform and listen to your heart. Public Health Nursing can be very rewarding.
    GOOD LUCK! Danske