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    Congratulations! Tiger52

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    Hi, I was in your shoes 15 years ago...the local community college where I lived offers a 16 credit hour Perioperative nursing course, which I registered for on my own, and paid for myself. Taking that class opened doors! I made sure my instructors knew I was wanting to break into OR nursing, and halfway through the semester, I was approached by an instructor with a contact, which led to an interview, which led to a job! You might try something like that, at the very least it shows that you are not being passive about your desire to be a Perioperative nurse. You can do this, we need OR nurses!
    Tiger 52

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    This is a question for all out there:
    Hi, I am wondering how other nurses chart or record the electrical equipment used during surgery (cautery, suction, scope light boxes, scd machines, patient warming devices, etc...). What are the different hospitals' policies, is each piece of equipment assigned an individual number, etc...this has come up in the hospital where I work and I was wondering what the community standard, or the standard of care is. I am filtering through AORN site and have not found specifics yet. Thanks!