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  • Jul 29 '13

    Whoopsadaisy, and all who commented Hang in there!!! We need you!! I don't know what it is, but to reference an old and negative nursing adage, OR nurses really seem to eat their young! I've been in my OR for just over two years now. I came fresh out of nursing school right into the OR and those first few weeks I really wondered what I had done to myself. Right off the bat I had to battle with the fact that not only was I new to the OR but new to being a nurse. So everything was new! But I'm still here! It all balances out I swear!

    If I only had time to reference every which way I struggled. But I had an infliction I like to call Foley Follies. Right and Left, Left and Right I couldn't get a Foley in to safe my life, especially for one ever so particular orthopedic surgeon. He literally would watch me put the Foley in, or attempt I should say. God bless his heart, he does not have a reputation for his patience, but he would wait and let me try and as I struggled he would wordlessly step away and put on a pair of gloves and take over. Time after time, he never yelled but he always gave me the opportunity. And eventually less and less often he had to put gloves on, and pretty soon my Foley Follies were something of the past. And I have even been the person to save another persons Foley Follies!

    That scenario kind of set my tone for how I handle the OR. Take it in stride because everyone will have idiosyncrasies and ways of doing things from the anesthesiologists to the CRNA's from the RN's to the surgeons, and as the nurse in the room we need to make it come together. Attempt the opportunities given to you and keep trying, the mistakes are worth it in the end if just to learn from them. Ask for help when you need it and try to hold on to that positive attitude! And try to hold on to what it was like being new, because there will be new nurses who start after you, who will struggle in their own ways and need people to remember what it was like!

    Day by day little by little it will come together! HANG IN THERE!!

  • Jun 12 '13


    I just graduated in May as well in will be starting a residency in July. I am so excited for us! Have you taken boards yet?

  • Jun 12 '13

    Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery.
    13th EDITION.
    by Jane C. Rothrock
    Mosby Elsevier

    Best of luck in your new area.

  • Jun 12 '13

    congrats on passing your boards. you are gonna love working in the OR. constant change and always learning something new.

  • Jun 12 '13

    Congratulations!! This is what I hope to be posting too in a few years!!