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  • Dec 11 '16

    I am a hospice nurse and am also in an RN to BSN program. For my capstone I have requested to complete the requirements in a parish nurse program. This article speaks to exactly why I am going this direction. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jul 20 '16

    I see this all the time with family and with nurses caring for the patient. I believe this stems from many different reasons including the lack of hospice training in nursing school programs as well as general attitudes and beliefs of society in general.

  • Apr 17 '16

    Quote from ®Nurse
    I see a trend that concerns me greatly over the past 10 years: Students are coming out onto the clinical floors and need waaaaaaay more direction than they used to. The students used to be assigned to the PATIENT, and seek out direction from the Clinical Instructor for guidance.

    NOW, the Student Nurse appears to be assigned to the Patient AND the RN, with the Clinical Instructor off somewhere else.
    I am a clinical instructor and I understand your concern. It appears to me that students are coming into nursing programs less prepared than they used to. That isn't the fault of the nursing programs but rather our elementary and high school systems. Our kids aren't learning what they should be learning. On the college level I expect that students understand at least the basics of grammar and know how to spell common words. What I find is that they often can't spell even common words and have no understanding of punctuation.

    As far as your observations of clinical instructors, I can't speak to all of them, but that's not how I operate. It is important that I be as involved in the student's clinical experience as possible. Some limitations are actually imposed by the facility. For example, in one facility neither the students or the instructor are allowed to provide hygiene care. This must be done by the facility's CNA's. How can students learn if they aren't allowed to lay their hands on the patients?