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I'm awesome and that's not an understatement - I really am! I take what I do seriously and am great at getting to the bottom of things and documenting the whole story. :) It may not always be a party, but I make sure that fun is part of the day! I'm likeable but not a pushover.

The Admission Process: Make sure you actually say something of importance!

I work in LTC so this may not be applicable across the board, but here goes. We've picked up some new grads on 3-11 and I'm not exactly happy with them. The one that's off of orientation and working the floor had an admission that she said she let the other new grad (who is still on orientation) "do". She didn't even give me report on him, only for me to find out that she's the one who wrote the admission note. Seriously, all she told me was that the orientee "did" the admission, but what... Read More →

Supervising and delegating: Why I don't stay 3-4 hours late like the 3-11 supervisor

Adventures in supervising land: Wearing multiple hats and at the same time, being yourself From the moment where I covered my first shift on 11-7 as a floor nurse for a no-show rather than primarily acting as the house supervisor, I knew that there was more this new role than just helping with admissions, paperwork, and auditing. I remember being told that a majority of my time spent on the clock would be babysitting GNAs and I thought, "Well, gee. I can do that." The administrator and... Read More →

Playing to my strengths - sometimes having "job ADD" isn't always a bad thing!

I've been working at my current nursing home since late May. I realize that it's a bit of short time to be in a position and transition into a different one, but I feel like it's a good fit. I'm not a new grad (4 years out of my BSN program plus a certificate in Nursing Education) but I'm not at all done with learning and growing professionally. When I started, I spent a few weeks orienting on the floor, mainly to get acclimated to the medication cart and caught on piece by piece. (I... Read More →

You don't just stop being a nurse.

The tail end of 2011 was bad for me. All of 2012 was a roller coaster, mostly full of valleys. This year began with me hitting what felt like rock bottom, but then things started ticking upwards. I've now been at a new job for 5 weeks and am almost off of orientation, and I'm finally feeling like a normal person once again. I wish I could say that I just got lucky or that things changed over night, but it took work. I'm a work in progress and I certainly can't stop now. I have to keep this... Read More →

Getting back in the saddle again

After being bitten by a patient with no concern or debriefing from my nurse manager, I made plans to high-tail it out of that unit as fast as I could because my mental health was already a little fragile and there would be no accomodations made for me. I have a 20 credit post-baccalaureate certificate in Nursing Education from my alma mater, so I thought it might be a smart decision to try my hand at teaching. I should have known that it was a bad idea from the fact that I was hired mid-year... Read More →

My travels down the path of mental illness towards wellness and health.

Ironically, it was nursing school that made me realize that my symptoms of self-perceived madness weren't just eccentricities. I'm sure we all were self diagnosed hypochondriacs but the shoes actually fit and it clicked that I was the symptoms and cluster of behaviors that I'd wondered about in my high school psychology class. What kind of teenager thinks to themselves, "If I had any sort of mental illness, it would probably be bipolar disorder?" I'd never done much in depth exploring of mental... Read More →

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