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    Safe injection houses keep needles off the streets, can intervene in overdose, and is safer for our most vulnerable populations. Resources can be given for those looking for medically assisted therapy, rehab, or treatment for HIV/Hep C. These are diseases also less likely to be transmitted when clean needles are available. People have been chasing highs forever and they will use drugs if there is a safe space or not. So let's have it. It is a harm reduction method.

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    Quote from offlabel
    For example if a non-religious gyn NP were presented with a transgendered woman that insisted on a pap smear despite there not being a cervix in the interests of advancing the transgendered woman's sexual identity, would that NP be forced to perform a sham exam despite his or her objection on ethical and conscience grounds?
    I work with trans women and this has never happened.

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    I completely agree with KatieMI. Ask for confirmatory testing. They can do so through NMS labs.

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    Hi all, applying as an NP. DTI 137%, Facility score 21.

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    As a Muslim I have traded Friday's for Sunday's, Christmas for Eid... I have mostly had good luck. If you can speak with your rabbi then this may help, if you have to alternate fridays is this acceptable for you? I have worked in ED, Trauma, and have held pressure on bleeding wounds, done chest compressions, and held hands right through when I'm supposed to be praying. I'm no religious scholar, but I know in my heart that this is not a problem. I pray it goes well for you , if this is the best job meant for you!

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    Thanks for the tips!!!

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    and p.s... Doctors Recommend Careers as Nurse Practitioners vs. Primary Care Physicians | University of Arizona

    Both Doctors and NPs recommend those wanting to go into primary care pursue a route as NP.... just sayin'

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    Any nurses or NPs working in a mobile clinic setting? I know that starting a business definitely have lost revenue, but I'm trying to estimate how many patients one would see in a large city in a day? Is 8 a fair estimate... (for a newbie) And do you travel to them or do they come to a site? Thanks for the input.

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    You will find that many people, nurses included, can be very toxic against NPs. Keep your head high and put your best foot forward. We are advancing on what was historically their territory, and I hate to say, giving a lot of power to women in a traditionally male dominated field. There's a number of reasons to be defensive about it, but essentially, that's the way healthcare is moving. Study after study proves we give as good care or better than doctors across the field. And your teacher is full of snot.

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    I have been asked this as an RN, and I say with confidence "I recently interviewed at XYZ hospital. However, in my research and from what I've heard in the community, this would be my first choice..." or something similar. Like most questions, I feel like you have to turn the negatives into a positive. It is a weird question, but interviewing elsewhere does show that you're marketable and the type of job you're looking for. I hope this helps, good luck!

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    Wa alaikum as salaam, brother. Your unit is required to provide reasonable religious accommodation. That being said, I do try to take a break so that prayers can be done at the beginning and end of a break... e.g., dhuhr and asr for day shift or isha and fajr on night shift... that being said, there are some days I have to make them up all at one go at home, but I really hate to do that. Some muslims I know do that because they can't rely on breaks in healthcare, also :-( Mostly I have prayed in my unit but some hospitals I have worked in have chapels without any statues or pictures, which is great. May Allah make it easy for you!

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    Curious as to everyone's answer... In NP clinical rotations now, where my preceptor only encouraged it if they have an issue...

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    I doubt you will have to pay the fees back, but speak to a lawyer as others have suggested. The fees are normally to cover your classroom costs, ACLS, BLS, etc. There may be another RN waiting to take your spot. This early in the game, I think you'll be ok.

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    Budget cuts meant we couldn't afford the new electric razor... but I'm friendly with the landscapers, so no worries!

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    I started on a floor that did a lot of post op bariatric pts... they were, by far, my favorite patients to take care of. 1) They weren't there because they were "sick." 2) They were embarking on a new, positive journey and were almost always excited about getting started. 3). Not too many orders... especially with the surgeon that did them... no IV pain meds, never had an NGT, it was scheduled, ambulate, medicate, give PO at a certain hr... etc. However, 18 months in, I felt like there was not much more to learn (I feel like this will be where I go to work when I am close to retirement). MICU, on the other hand, will blow your mind! If you ultimately want to do ED, MICU, Med/Surg or even Obs is a good place to start (high turnover, will help you determine lower acuity pts). Congrats on aceing your interview, and good luck!!!