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"Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder." ― Rumi

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    Agree with Nurseonamotorcycle... my last shift I had 3 psych holds. Your expertise will be highly valued.

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    I like the above suggestions about the how, but when I was a new nurse I so much appreciated the WHY... What the heck is a lactate, why is it important to check... Why do I have to go to blood so fast, why can't I give 8 liters of LR??? The task at hand is important, but understanding the rationale behind it can save a life!

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    I'm generally of the mindset to not quit before a year, however, I recently had the experience of "trying to stick it out...wouldn't want to look like a job hopper!" I realized that I became more miserable, my family felt it, and it made me question if I still loved my specialty. The answer is yes, but I'm moving on from my facility. If they cannot be supportive or at least professional, you are actually doing a disservice to your patients by staying and supporting it. This attitude rubs off, believe it or not!

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    Agreed with above... as far as strips to know, SVT, Vtach w/o pulse, Vfib, S. Brady, S. Tachy, and Asystole. Know what you can shock. It's not as hard as ACLS. Know Epi! (0.01 mg/kg)

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    Thanks for the response! I interviewed and they seemed to be ok either way.

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    Totally not ok. I'd be livid if I were that mom... what if she is not christian? Like, atheist, or Jewish, or Muslim, or Sikh? Pagan? The list goes on and on... Or so what if she is christian and it was completely against her wishes... I am mad at this instructor with you!!!

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    Can a travel company submit you for a job, where you have applied at that facility before? E.g., I want to work in Anytown, USA, applied for a PRN RN job at XYZ hospital. My travel company has a spot there. If I rescind the application, am I eligible for placement?

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    Annacat, there is a cutoff for foreign income before you have to pay taxes... it's been a while, but when I worked abroad it was 70,000. After which, you have to declare and pay... (I'd imagine most making over the cutoff aren't exactly honest with their earnings)...

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    I have pulled an epi "just in case" my unstable pt coded in the elevator... I have pulled narcan "just in case" for that young ams coming in... I have pulled heparin and plavix for that STEMI, "just in case"... benadryl has yet to make my "just in case" list.

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    106/70. Like always until end of shift. Then it's more like 300/198.

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    1. You WILL make mistakes. If you choose to learn from them, you can benefit from them.
    2. A good pair of shoes is worth its weight in gold. Also, never buy scrubs without a cargo pocket.
    3. Treat others with respect, and expect the same.
    4. There will come a time, a few years in, where you "get it." And THAT is an awesome feeling.
    5. Learn to accept criticism and act on it.

    Happy Nurses' Week!

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    Wow, for a minute I thought you were joking. You were being authoritative and insensitive, IMHO. Yes, he was being disrespectful, but you can definitely get it through differently! I'm not bashing you, OP, it drives me nuts when people treat me like that. But I might say something like, "If you need to do something on your phone, I'll come back when you have time to discuss your care." While I sympathize with you, OP, I'm going to side with your co-workers. He got under your skin and you let it show.

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    It definitely is more challenging than I thought to find a preceptor, and I was pretty sore about it for a while. However, I know quite a few people who are in a situation like a PP described... like 1 student at a prestigious school, who had a placement cancelled, had to withdraw more than once. She has also had preceptors that took her on and left the practice the next month. It has taken her 4 years to complete her NP program because of this situation. Mostly, I think she has had bad luck, but there are lots of issues with NP programs/precepting nowadays, not unique to any situation anymore.

    So I suppose my "what I wish I had known" was that I would not graduate 100% on time. I also wish we had a few more assigned clinical hours (I think it'd be great to have 1200 across the board).

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    No one is going to pin you down and make you go (haha). People giving you a hard time reflects that it is important to them. If it is not important to you, don't worry about it. A lot of nursing students without kids cannot fathom how difficult it is to complete a program with a family. My pinning was really awkward and I had to go to the whole school commencement to attend (uuuuuggggh), so I could have gone without it, but being from a family of nurses, I would have gotten beat up.

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    I have had a terrible time with locating a preceptor, but I would NEVER pay for a clinical placement! I am paying tuition, and our school also provides them a stipend. Plus, they get hours for teaching... I strongly urge you not to pay for a clinical site, because that is going to make it harder for students that go after you. Have you tried showing up at any offices? Also, check out Walgreens, they now have positions posted for student FNP positions. I also had luck with npfinder and going through my state NP organization. Best of luck to you!