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So I married a mysophobic...

So here we are at the gas station the other evening. We were struck by a desperate and immediate need for BBQ rib-shaped pressed meat sandwiches and diet Mt.Dew (for me) and some sort of weird half energy drink, half malt beverage can of red poison (for him). He won't give these up, despite repeated lectures on the dangers of what will happen when he drinks too much of this concoction. Although, I am not sure if he will he zoom around the house like an ADHD labrador retriever on speed, or... Read More →

Domestic Abuse Assessment

I was all of 18 when I met my first husband. It was three days after 9/11 and my stepmother had just kicked me out of the house. I had no place to go. I went out with a girlfriend and met this charming, leather-clad man at the bar. I ended up drinking way too much and slept on his couch for three days while he convinced me how truly precious I was and how he just knew I was the one woman who could make him a better man. He was very honest about how his first wife had had... Read More →

Changing Lives Exponentially

I wanted to be a nurse because I was inspired. When I was 15 and very naive, I got pregnant. I was scared but my boyfriend at the time was very nice, as were his parents. Everything was going ok. I had plans to finish high school and go to college with their help. Then, I had my first ultrasound. The tech put the wand on my then 22 week tummy and said, "Lets see what we have, shall we?" After about 20 seconds, she turned the screen away from me and said, "I'm just going to call the... Read More →

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