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I am a late-20s Baltic female who have graduated from UNC Wilmington with Master of Science (Biology) in May 2014! This science degree has given me strong research, communication, and lab work skills (along with good pay). However, since beginning college, I have been wanting to work in healthcare, as well. I have considered pathologists assistant, Nursing, and PA programs, but I did not want (and could hardly afford financially) to move away for school from my family and loved ones. So, in August 2014, I started a two year RN program at a local community college. In the meantime, in May 2014, I got my Nurse Aide certification and am now working 3 days/wk at an the hospital. I finished first year of NS and am currently in between school, working, and in August 2016 coming back to finish NS. I have a very supportive and amazing fiance with whom I'm planning on moving to Colorado after I get my RN! (Last updated 1/3/2016)

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CNA (Cardiac Med Surg) / Nursing student
Wilmington, NC
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Spending time with my SO and family, Simple living, Enjoying nature, Movies, Reading books / textbooks
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