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    It is a hard decision to make. If you can do part-time I would suggest that. All of my classmates are stressing themselves to the bone, especially those who have kids and/or work. It is a difficult decision to make, but most people don't have the option of part-time. I would advise to do part-time, the stories are true, nursing school is very hard. You'll find that it will be quite an adjustment from your previous college courses. I had a 4.0 GPA coming in to nursing school (having completed 90+ units), and last semester I was very happy to get a B.

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    Second semester ADN nursing student here. I've lurked on this site for years but never created an account.

    I would love to provide tips and suggestions to you, I wish I had someone to guide me through my first semester. Here are some brief tips for right now:

    1. Begin right now getting everything organized and prepared. You are going to want a separate folder for each class and lab component, as well as one for your portfolio of clinical work. Buy a day book or make use of your smarthphone to extensively detail when assignments are due.

    2. Create a class Facebook group for your cohort. Make it private, invite only. This has been by far the most helpful method of collaborating. You will find that people will give each other reminders, answer questions, and generally provide each other support. It has helped me immensely.

    3. Create a group Dropbox. This is an online folder which can allow your cohort to share any documents related to the program. The folder is big enough to store plenty of files and each person in your group can have a subfolder. It is also free.

    4. Forget creating old-school flash cards. You can create cards online at, not only are they able to be shared between your group, you can also access them via smartphone.

    5. Review physiology which you feel unfamiliar with. If you understand the basis of body functions it will help you so much to be able to make an educated guess. I feel that my physiology class is the one class which really prepared me for nursing school.

    There are so many other things I can list but I feel like these are a good start. If you would like to talk more PM me, I'd love to share more info regarding my experience in first semester.