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    Quote from bunnynurse
    Hey nurses,

    In honor of "420" tomorrow... As a health-care professional, what are your thoughts on smoking weed? Any nurses out there that smoke a joint here and there?

    laziest DEA agent ever

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    never tell the truth about any web pages you visit

    I was once at an interview, and the interviewer asked that very question,

    Q) what are some of your favorite websites ?

    so I get really excited and answered

    A) oh, I'm REALLY interested in martial arts, so I visit this one site '' where people get together and talk
    about mixed martial arts and the latest fights, the ultimate fighting championship and stuff like that. We talk about and debate the different styles: jiu jitsu, boxing, muay thai; our favorite fighters, best knockouts; ...

    and of course I'm VERY animated describing all this LOL

    and about this point I notice the interviewer is looking at me in SHOCK, total and complete SHOCK

    and I realize, I am NOT getting this job LOL

    so, I might as well keep going ha ha ha

    so I do
    and I proceed to tell the interviewer about the first ultimate fighting championship and how this little Brazilian jiu jitsu guy won by locking everyone's arm until they screamed in pain and gave up
    and I tell him about this one big wrestler who was heavily favored but got kicked in the face and knocked out and it's still one of the most talked about fights of all time

    ha ha ha

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    Quote from MtnRN
    This person should have been reported to their supervisor and repremanded .
    get over yourself

    he introduced himself as a MED TECH !

    he did NOT misrepresent himself

    if they don't know what a med tech is and they ask the guy "what do you do here?" and the med tech answers with "I take care or patients and I do ekgs" then 99% of the patients will say "oh, so you're just like a nurse"?

    as far as a non-medical person is concerned they're the same thing

    as numerous posts in this thread have stated a patient isn't going to make the distinction between getting treated by a nurse of by a med tech

    Quote from lindarn
    Go to a doctors' office, and see if the PA or NP, tells the patient that they are the, " same as a doctor".

    Big difference in skill level and education.
    which the vast majority of the public knows nothing about

    I guarantee most people don't know what an NP is.
    Neither do they know what training or education a Nurse Practitioner goes through.

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    it totally depends on what you're using it for

    look at this one for $500 - lenovo IdeaPad Z575 (12992PU) Notebook AMD A-Series A6-3420M(1.5GHz) 15.6" 6GB Memory DDR3 1333 500GB HDD 5400rpm DVD▒R/RW AMD Radeon HD 6650M

    its a perfectly good computer
    114 reviews average out to 4 out of 5 stars (you can read the reviews by clicking on the feedback tab in the middle of the page)

    if all you're doing is
    1) email;
    2) internet browsing and searching;
    3) using MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Access;
    4) creating and reading pdfs;
    5) watching videos and DVDs;
    6) using online classroom services (like Blackboard);
    7) listening to music

    then that laptop will do just fine

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    Quote from ladymaam
    The reason I am so bent out of shape is that one employer asked if I would be interested in a new position, where an LVN would cover breaks for the RNs. My initial thought is that this is a "glorified CNA" position. No way! I need more. I am ready to take on more responsibility, not go backwards. If it's CNAs they want, California should reconsider the scope of practice for their CNAs. Lots of hospitals in other states, allow their CNAs to do their Accuchecks. And the worst of it, if I cover breaks, I will have been responsible for approx. 30 patients in one work day. Would an RN do my last dollar, absolutely not.
    it was really dumb for you not to have taken that job
    you would have made contacts, you would have gained references, you would have a new line to put under experience on your resume

    for all you know, one of the nurses may have quit or retired in month and then you may have been promoted or at least given more responsibiltiy, the hospital may have even been willing to pay for part of your training

    if you're unemployed and have no prospects you ALWAYS take the job

    compare this line on your resume
    responsible for approximately 30 patients

    to this line

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    he page says "[color=#1e3e56][font=facitweb]proficiency tests are available for some of the prerequisite courses."

    do you know which p[color=#1e3e56][font=facitweb]roficiency tests they accept and for which courses?

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    to answer this question you need to stop thinking like a nurse and start thinking like a lawyer who is in the middle of suing the hospital because the patient you were "involved" with died

    why are you (someone off duty) allowed into a non-visitor area ?

    had you drunk any alcohol while you were off duty and before you got involved with this call?

    what supply did you bring ? how much did you bring ?
    how did you know what to bring ? (was it told to you vocally or was it written down?)
    what did you know about the patient : age, weight, other medications the patient might be taking?

    why couldn't your colleague find an item ?
    is your colleague incompetent ? are the people who stock the room incompetent ?
    was the delay in finding the item a contributing cause to the patient's death ?
    if it was, are you partially responsible because you found and delivered the item? Maybe you should have found it faster.

    Did your colleague assume that you would stay and help ? And was you not being there was a contributing cause to the patient's death? Why did you abandon your colleagues ?

    was the room locked ? why or why not ?
    if it wasn't, should it have been ?
    maybe that's why it took so long to find the item, the unlocked room allows anyone to go in there and move an rearrange things

    are you ready to be questioned by attorneys, called as a witness against the hospital and the poeple who treated the patient ?

    you're a trained healthcare professional, what did you witness or hear before, during or after the treatment of the patient ?

    Don't think about what happened. Think about what could have happened and what the consequenses would be.

    The consequenses for getting invloved could be getting sued and testifying against your friends. Maybe even losing your license.

    The consequences for not getting involved may have been that the patient died.

    Weigh the consequences and risks. Then do whatever you feel like.

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    Here are some videos I found on youtube. They are VERY basic. They are from a lower level general pharmacology course in a community college in Hawaii.
    I like the videos a LOT, but let's just say the instructor is very laid back and understands that his students are just starting and only have one bio course under their belts.
    There are also chest tube and heart sound videos.

    Here is the youtube homepage.
    General Pharmacology - PHRM203 - Youtube Home

    Here are the individual videos

    General Pharmacology - PHRM203 - Videos

    1.1 Biochemistry

    1.2 Cellular Physiology

    1.3 Basic Pharmacology Principles 1

    1.4 Basic Pharmacology Principles 2

    1.5 Basic Pharmacology Principles 3

    1.6 Basic Pharm Math Videos

    1.6a Metric System

    1.6b Burger Math

    1.6c Roman Numerals

    Math Review 1

    Math Review 2

    Math Review 3

    Math Review 4
    2.1 Neurotransmission

    2.2 Autonomic Pharmacology

    2.3 Hypertension Videos

    2.3a Hypertension

    2.3b Glaucoma

    Review Autonomic Forums
    2.4 Diuretics and Lipids

    2.5 CHF Angina and Anticoagulants

    2.6 Cardiac Rhythm

    3.1 CNS Pharmacology 1

    3.2 CNS 2

    3.3 Histamine Serotonin and the Ergots - Histamine 5HT Ergots

    3.4 Gastrointestinal Pharm

    4.1 Endocrinology 1

    4.2 Endocrinology 2

    4.3 Immunology

    4.4 HIV and AIDS - 4 4 HIV AIDS

    5.1 Antimicrobial Agents 1

    5.2 Antimicrobial Agents 2

    5.3 Cancer and Chemotherapy 1

    5.4 Cancer and Chemotherapy 2

    6.1 Intensive Review 1

    6.2 Drug Review
    Chest Tubes Videos

    Chest Tubes Part 1.mp4

    Chest Tubes Part 2.mp4

    Chest Tubes Part 3.mp4

    Chest Tubes Part 4.mp4

    Chest Tubes Part 5.mp4
    Heart Sounds Videos

    Animated Normal S1 S2

    Animated Aortic Stenosis Murmur

    Animated Aortic Regurgitation Murmur

    Animated S3 Ventricular Gallop

    Animated S4 Atrial Gallop

    Animated Mitral Stenosis Murmur

    Animated Mitral Regurgitation Murmur

    Animated Mechanical Aortic Valve
    Paramedic Pharm 1

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    "Working at the pace typical for a four semester hour course, the average student will complete the online course in approximately 16 weeks. Students may enroll at any time. Many students are nontraditional students who have elected an on-line course for it's flexibility. Therefore students may complete the course in less than 16 weeks or they may take up to 8 months."

    "The typical student will complete this online course in approximately 15 weeks. Students may enroll at any time. Many students are nontraditional students who have elected an on-line course for it's flexibility. Therefore students may complete the course in less than 16 weeks or they may take up to 8 months. "

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    at Cayuga there is a fall A&P class that covers 1/2 of the body systems and then a spring A&P class that covers the A&P of the other 1/2 of the body
    so A & P are taught together, but you have to take both the fall and spring courses to cover the entire body

    Microbiology is a separate one term course

    each of the above 3 course have an accompanying lab

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    I took micro, AP1 and AP2 online at cayuga

    I am not a student there

    I printed the part time, non-degree registration for and faxed it to them

    biology is required for all of those 3 courses

    so I also faxed a copy of the results of my CLEP biology exam
    CLEP is sorta/kinda like the AP exams

    so they accept CLEP, AP and other college intro to bio courses

    the tuition was inexpensive but that's because I live in new york state so I was able to get in state tuition

    the classes are completely online

    here's a review I wrote for another site

    I'm currently taking anatomy and physiology 2 at

    Cayuga Community College, which is a SUNY school (State University of New York) Complete Campus List

    here is the A&P 1 course
    only the BIOL 203 - 7xx sections are online

    most of the students are taking it to fulfill nursing entrance requirements, the course transfers to other SUNY schools

    It is a 4 credit course, all online, using ANGEL (sorta like BlackBoard)

    They do REQUIRE some bio to take the course. I faxed them my copy of my bio CLEP results. They accepted that.

    this is the book for both A&P 1 and 2 Anatomy & Physiology (4th Edition) (9780321616401)
    Elaine N. Marieb, Katja N Hoehn

    This is the lab Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab Manual: Cat Version with PhysioEx 8.0, 10th Edition (9780321616128)
    Elaine N. Marieb, Susan J. Mitchell

    You take 2 quizzes every week. One for the lab, one for the chapter reading.

    Each of the 2 quizzes is online with 10-15 questions of multiple choice and fill in the blank.
    Mostly stuff like
    "Here is a picture of a male cadaver with 20 items labeled. What is item 3 pointing to?"
    "Here is a picture of a male cadaver with 20 items labeled. Which number is the lateral condyle?"

    The book also contains a CD with a bunch of Flash multimedia labs on it. Each Flash is a simulated laboratory. So you click on a lab icon and follow the directions on a pdf.
    Directions might be :
    Click on a pipette, drag it to the flame, sterilize it, use the pipette to transfer some chemical to a blood sample, drag the blood to the centrifuge, start the centrifuge, run for 60 seconds, observe and record your findings, dispose of the blood. Repeat for 5 different chemicals for each of 6 different blood types.

    So that's all done with flash animations.

    The lab test, along with the label the cadaver images, also hss questions regarding the flash simulated lab.
    "Which person had the lowest blood sugar? What effect did chemical A have on the results? What effect did chemical B have on the results? Describe the graph of the heart rate."

    These are also multiple choice and short fill in in the blank.

    Every 3 weeks (so every 3 - 6 chapters, because some weeks cover more than one chapter) you have 2 big exams.
    One covering the past 3 labs and another covering the past 3-6 chapter readings.
    Instead of 10-15 questions each has 100 questions.

    The exams are all timed. 15 minutes for the weekly tests. 120 minutes for each of the bigger exams.

    There is also 2 final exams (one for the labs, one for the chapter readings) that cover the whole semester, each 120 minutes, each 100 questions.

    There are also 3 discussion questions throughout the semester.
    Example: Pick an auto immune disease and write 400 words about it. Reply to 3 other students postings, each reply must be at least 250 words.

    The course is a PAIN IN THE BUTT !
    The teacher is great, but reading 60 - 80 pages of A&P each week is so freaking boring!
    So much chemistry. So many new words. Its a whole new vocabulary.
    Everything just starts jumbling together.
    When you read it without hearing the words pronounced, without seeing something drawn on the board in real time, it makes it SO DIFFICULT.

    You might learn stuff from this course, but you definitely won't be taught anything.

    Its exactly the same thing as just buying the books and reading them over the next 15 weeks.
    You don't get the interaction that you need to really learn this stuff.
    At least, that's the way I feel.

    If you can learn that way, good for you. I found it incredibly difficult.

    I can learn MS Excel, Statistics and Sociology online, but I think for micro and A&P
    these courses really require real time, teacher/student interaction in a classroom.

    for example: For Micro I read the section on Lac operon 10 times and never understood it.
    I searched youtube, found this video and finally got it.

    Now, can you imagine reading that?

    I don't think you can just read that kind of stuff and expect to "get it" and retain it.
    I think you need someone standing in front of you drawing it on the board and explaining it as they draw. I think you need to be able to ask them questions as they draw it and get explanations of the material.

    It is just such a very difficult course to take online.

    The thing is I work full time. So I would only have been able to take the classes in the evening and its REALLY difficult to get into a "real" class if you're not already enrolled full time at the school in a nursing program.

    Even after saying all this, I still prefer taking classes online instead of taking the subway 45 minutes each way in the evening after work in the middle of winter and going to a B&M school, but I really think I could have learned more, easier if I had taken the classes in a local community college.

    I passed micro with a C+, AP1 with a A-, AP2 with a B-.

    At least I got a grade, but I'm pretty sure that C+ won't transfer.