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Importance of Continuing Education in the Nursing Profession

The importance of continued education with any profession is paramount. Within the Nursing profession it is a requirement. In general, to maintain your license you need twenty-four continuing education credits (CEU's) every two years. This article will discuss, and hopefully motivate us to go above and beyond that requirement so that we may be able to take better care of our patients. In fact, one could argue that our patients will be safer due to the increased skill this knowledge will... Read More →

Challenges of IV starts in the Pediatric Population

One of the biggest challenges we face as pediatric registered nurses is how to alleviate the fear and anxiety associated with getting an intravenous catheter or IV. As a pediatric nurse for over a decade, this RN has been witness to many different reactions when it comes to needle sticks. There is kicking, screaming, hiding in the bathroom, and the one that is truly heartbreaking is the genuine fear in the faces of our sweet little patients that we treat. The good news is that there... Read More →