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    Hey all,
    I just had a quick question about something I was taught in nursing school and was wondering if you learned the same thing, or practice this yourself.

    You have 2 different IV piggyback antibiotics (compatible or incompatible, doesn't matter) with NSS as the primary, and one is due at 1200 and the other is due at 1800. You hang the one due at 1200 then leave everything hooked up until you come back again at 1800 when the other antibiotic is due. Instead of getting all new secondary tubing for the new antibiotic, we learned to just back prime the NSS into the piggyback line a few times to flush what's left of the 1200 antibiotic into the old antibiotic bag, then disconnect and reconnect the new antibiotic. I was told that you don't have to worry about the 2 antibiotics mixing because you back primed with NSS and all that's left is saline in the now reprimed piggyback tube.

    Does anyone do this to save time and cost to the patient? Just wondering...thanks!

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    I just wanted to tell you that I thankfully stumbled upon this thread and looked at the brain sheet you created and posted. I have been using it for the past 2 weeks or so and it has helped me out so much! I feel more organized with it and my report to the next shift seems to flow 10x better when I'm using it. I just wanted you to know that I've benefited from using it. Thanks again!!

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    Koi and Grey's Anatomy are the two best! Both are kind of on the expensive side, but they are well worth the money. With Koi, the Lindsay pant is my favorite. There's so many pockets, which makes them super useful and practical. Grey's Anatomy are super soft, they actually give you a figure, and they come in a million colors. Definitely worth the cost for both brands!

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    I think if your heart is set on the ED you should start there. Why waste a year or more doing a type of nursing that you're not interested in? If you are passionate about a certain area wouldn't your time be more well spent in that area? I am a recent grad and I know a few people in my class who got a job in the ED right out of school. Nowadays, I have heard of units such as the ICU telling new nurses who don't seem to be keeping up with the pace, "Why don't you work on a med/surg floor and reapply when you gain more experience..." so it just goes to show that many units will take new grads and evaluate their performance. Hope that helps!

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    Nurse ABC, thank you so much for all of your advice! I cannot imagine having 6-8 patients on top of what I already have...I have so much respect for the nurses who can juggle that many patients and still manage to get everything accomplished while I'm struggling with 4. As for bedside charting, that sounds like a great idea. We do not have computers in our patient rooms but we do have the moveable laptops (COWS--apparently we're not allowed to call them that anymore?) in the hallways that I could easily wheel in and do charting...except for the patients in isolation (which is basically everyone right now b/c of the flu hah!). I will definitely try this, because what you said is so true about people thinking we are taking a break when we're at the nurses station when we're actually doing one of the most important things...charting! (If it wasn't documented it wasn't done *cringe*). Thanks again! I love hearing what other nurses do to make life easier throughout their shift. I learn so much by taking advice from other nurses, as I have yet to find what "works" for me.

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    Thanks for the support everyone Rolling with the punches is something I definitely need to work on and I'm finding that out. I just get flustered/stressed really easy when things unexpectedly come up and then I can't think straight which just makes me more stressed. Luckily I do have very supportive and experienced nurses that I work with who help me out tremendously and are willing to help my whenever I need it. EatmysoxRN, I do try to delegate as often as possible, but I could probably delegate more. Sometimes I just want to do everything (which I think is part of my problem), but you're right I am only one person and I can't do everything alone. Thanks for all the advice!

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    I'm a new grad nurse and I started on my unit this past August. I've been off of orientation since mid October. On my unit there's a 4:1 patient ratio and I work the 3-11 shift.

    Since I've gotten off orientation I'm really struggling. I find it so difficult to focus on what needs to be done and get anything accomplished because I feel like I'm constantly pulled in a million directions at once during my entire shift. Literally from the minute I start my shift to the minute I'm done, I feel like all I do is run around like crazy as one thing after another comes up. I know we are supposed to be prioritizing and planning what needs to be done during our shift blah blah, but I never feel like my plans to accomplish tasks actually work.

    For example, I'll decide...I'm going to go see pt in 203 and take in all his meds, do my assessment, change his fluids, reposition him, assess for pain, and then get out. Well it just so happens this pt is in isolation and while I'm in there a doc calls to speak about another pt (who I haven't even seen yet) and now I have to leave this pt and talk to the doc. So then I get off the phone with the doc and then the NA comes and tell me pt in 204 has a BG of 70 and the pt in 205 is in pain and wants meds...and so on. This is what I deal with almost every shift and it drives me crazy. Throw at least 1-2 admissions/discharges into the mix and I think you get the picture.

    Does anyone else feel like this? How do you deal with the constant chaos and everyone needing you? I just feel like I'm pulled in a million directions constantly. It makes it so challenging for me to focus on anything I'm doing and sometimes I have to stop and think, ok wait which pt is this again, what was I doing before? I'm so scared I'm going to make a mistake (like with meds or treatments) because as soon as I'm focused, it seems another issue comes up like the previous scenario.

    I'm beginning to think med/surg nursing isn't for me. Maybe I would do better in an ICU where the ratio is 1:2 max and I can focus better on those pts?

    Anyone else feeling like this or have any suggestions? Thanks!