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  • Mar 7 '16

    Wow I am so sorry you are going through this I am also new to med surg, but I had a 10 week orientation. I didn't even start caring for three patients until my 4th or 5th week! It seems as though your unit does not have an adequate orientation that includes weekly feedback and positive encouragement from a preceptor? Maybe you could inform your nurse manager that you haven't even had any evaluations or anything checked off yet, and ask how you are supposed to care for 4 patients without proper support? Do you have a preceptor?

    From experience, the first couple of months starting out were the scariest, most stressful, longest months of my life. I don't think there was one day that I went home without worrying about possible mistakes, or what I could have/should have done in certain situations. Just absorb everything you see like sponge...good & bad. That's what I do and I learn so much. About asking questions..don't ever stop! I think people got frustrated with the amount of questions I asked during the first few weeks and honestly, as long as it kept my patients safe, I didn't care who got annoyed. Asking questions is the best way to make sure what you're thinking, or doing is correct. I too also became easily distracted and when multiple things were happening, I had a hard time prioritizing my time. You'll learn as you work more what needs to be taken care of first. I don't how it happens, but things just eventually start to click. You'll start using your critical thinking and stuff just makes more sense. Trust me, it takes time but at some point it happens. Keep your head up! You just need more support and more confidence in yourself and you will find things become much easier. Find someone you can confide in, find a good brain sheet, and keep asking questions. Good luck!!