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    Quote from XmasShopperRN

    Heavenlee75, I'm right there with you on this! I've watched several new grads crash and burn after their orientation which consisted of their preceptor and the preceptor's buddies belittle every question or difficulty their preceptees had. I personally believe that the "old eating their young" really applied in this setting. It was really unfortunate considering a lot of these new grads had really solid assessment and critical thinking skills, but chose to move to other units because they were so miserable and intimidated. These "seasoned" nurses were notorious for making their own mistakes, including letting septic pts ivf's run dry, not giving abx's when ordered, and running pressors either at the incorrect rate or incorrect concentration because they were so busy sitting on their lazy **** and making fun of everyone else! But in the end, you reap what you sow; from what I hear, now the ED's so understaffed, and most are looking for new jobs.
    While I get that some people aren't cut out for the ED, "newbies" should be given every opportunity to prove that they can pull their own weight with the proper preceptorship and unit resources when they're cut loose. IMO.
    And I agree 100% with what you said...I watched one nurse who was super intimidating to new nurses but couldn't even spell good :-/

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. I can only imagine what you are going through and I honestly don't have an answer for you...I wish I did but I don't! The only thing I think is that as time goes on you'll maybe know if you can or you can't. Again so sorry

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    A lot of nurses forget that at one time they too were new...I have a huge problem with nurses who think they're better or smarter than the next! I'm an experienced nurse who has oriented new nurses and student nurses and I enjoy teaching. The ER is a stressful place and although it might not be for everyone nobody should ever be made to feel like they're a burden to other nurses because they're new. That's why nursing is so stressful these days...bad attitudes to others!!!