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  • Aug 10 '15

    Quote from DoeRN

    I agree I wish there wasn't a PVT at all. Should be like the good ole days were you got your results in the mail.

    Not a peds nurse but saw someone with the name BMW. I thought it was initials. Um no that's their first name. And no, they weren't a patient.

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    My initials were almost BMW but my dad didn't want me named after a car. Instead, I'm BTW.

    To add my own unusual names, my aunt told me years ago how some people named their daughters Ima Hooker and Ura Hooker. Supposedly their last nsme was Hooker so...

    Went to middle school with sisters named Jellybean and Lollipop.

  • May 31 '15

    Quote from TWiersch
    Thanks! What conversion formulas do you mean? The ones in the HESI book?

    Scroll down to the video.