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    Started with Sterile Water then Lactated Ringers, now Normal Saline! If you don't want to freak out too much...consider Vet supply places! Many still have supplies. I just ordered 24-250cc bags from the vet who works in the same complex.

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    I too went to SU online, passed my boards on first attempt, and started work as soon as I got my license changed as well.

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    The reason you need to be a nurse before being a NP, is the course is shorter than that for PA. As PAs have little to no experience, they have to learn EVERYTHING. The idea behind the NP is that it is an advanced nursing role...builds on what you have already learned. Hope this helps.

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    I was told that my first year of look at me. A full career in nursing and now a nurse practitioner. If it is truly what you want, you will get there.

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    You do not mention...does it HAVE to be in the hospital setting?

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    What do YOU think? This way, we can help guide you!

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    It "seems" that your cohort is looking to develop a "bond". She may be very insecure and sees you as a mentor but is approaching things the wrong way. She may not feel that she was "cheating", but making sure that she would do well in the test...maybe she is a poor test taker and the anxiety led her to make a poor decision. Maybe by letting you know she was seeking support. Either way, I believe you need to set some boundaries and by all means, if you want your own permit...get one.

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    I have known RNs who went on to get an aesthetician's license and are "practicing". Most work in salon's, some work in various doctor's offices (not necessarily a dermatology one), and some have their own sites. In Florida, if I understand the rules correctly, one must have an aesthetician's license unless working under the direct supervision of an in-house physician (the provider MUST be on premises). Hope this helps.

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    You do not mention how long you have worked there nor your patient base. Do you see repetitive patients or do you work as a group (first come first serve). This could have a bearing on length of time. If you have your own patient base, and it is extensive, 2 weeks may not be enough time to "spread" your patients throughout the practice.

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    I would not go alone. Try to get some of your classmates who are in the same boat. There is safety as well support and reinforcement in numbers. If you go by yourself and relate the same will be noted as a troublemaker. Nursing has some real problem with handling "criticism" real or perceived. If no one will join you, then you may want to rethink this method. Tread carefully. I have been on the back side of many "attacks" and it is not pleasant.

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    If, as you say, "So difficult in fact that half the class is failing", then your class should ask to speak to an academic adviser or the assistant dean. During one of my classes, I remember we were not getting feedback on our papers, tests, post...nothing...for 3 weeks. We contacted our academic adviser and then met with the dean of the nursing college. We had a new instructor within a week.

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    If you can, see about shadowing a NP for a few days to see if this is what you TRULY want. I see so many posts of "I love my job but". What is wrong with getting your MSN in something OTHER than patient care? If you really love case management, seeing the other side first may help you chose the right path as we really can't do that for you.

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    I don't know that I would tie it to "today's nursing model" is the entire healthcare system that is failing. A person with insurance will get an EOB for a thyroid panel of about $800.00, but can pay a cash price of $85.00. A cancer targeted immunotherapy drug in the US can be $8400.00 a month, but Canada has same drug for $2600.00 per month. It is a shame!

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    Have to agree with Jules. Also...not many people are cut out to run their own is HARD! It is much easier to go to work and let someone else take all the responsibility so one can go to work then go home and not worry about things like "will there be enough money for payroll, what about the insurance increase, what about unemployment increase, what about covering vacations...."

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    Quote from 2bNotAnotherMaleNurse7
    Well they said it was more functional medicine. Ordering DME, trigger point injections, functional assessments, etc..
    True functional medicine is not doing DMEs, trigger point injections, functional assessments, etc. This is more of a physical medicine route (possibly chiropractic). Functional medicine is...patient comes in with fatigue, weight gain, "brain fog", etc. and you evaluate for nutritional deficiencies, thyroid, adrenal, sugar problems.