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  • Oct 19

    These assignments have several purposes, one of which is to get you out and networking with locals NPs! If you can try and talk to some local providers, you may just find a mentor or a great local clinical site.

  • Oct 15

    Quote from jocelynpotano
    Okay thank you. I had even asked one of my previous teachers and she said yes the bon could take your license away, I thought that sounded strange.

    Your teacher is an idiot.

  • Oct 15

    You have a valid license- they don't take it away because your school closed.

  • Oct 14

    You are there as his guest. If you were staying in someones home or being hosted for dinner would you tell the host they talk to much for your preference?

    You can either keep trying to redirect him and make the most of your experience or convey your concerns to your program (if you think it truly impacting your education/preparation) and ask to be reassigned.

    I think there are many out there that would say if you big complaint is being 45 minutes late then you are due for some harsh realizations in your transition to practice.

  • Oct 11

    Quote from Susie2310
    NP's and PA's simply don't have the education and training to provide the same high level of medical care that physicians are trained to provide.
    Based on what? Your professional expertise? Your preconceived belief? Your opinion? Just because?

  • Oct 11

    Quote from BostonFNP
    Have you compared them in terms of outcomes? What does the extant data demonstrate?
    Boston how do you think the outcome data will fare 5, 10 years down the road with the current trend of schools retaining undergraduate students through NP without ever having worked as a RN?

  • Oct 11

    For the love of Pete can we lay off the self-inflated NP BS and doc bashing?

  • Oct 8

    Okay, so it needs to be a problem that has already been researched and documented, but there does not need to be an evidence-based solution and you don't need to provide one or actually DO any first person research. Cool.

    Honestly in choosing a topic, I'd search CINAHL or EBSCO for articles pertaining to your original proposed topic of " Nurse manager’s role in communication and how it affects the performance of staff. "

    Choosing the research before narrowing the topic has twofold benefits. It prevents you from choosing a topic so narrow that you can't find research, and you've already got your articles picked out at the same time as your topic, so less to do later.

  • Oct 5

    Mylan's website also has a coupon which may reduce your copay, but this depends on the type of insurance. Some of my families have had $0 copay with their coupon.

  • Oct 5

    Do you have a preference who your anesthesiologist is?

  • Oct 4

    Because nursing in general is difficult, often frustrating and thankless, and allnurses is a place for us to vent and share our feelings with fellow nurses who understand and have been there. It's therapeutic for us to be able to get our feelings out in a safe, anonymous place.

  • Oct 3

    If you are close to graduating then don't do it. If you don't want to add ridiculous amounts to your loans then don't do it. If you are so unhappy that you can't possibly complete your program and don't mind retaking classes & adding to loans.....Go for it. I know people that left my program and started others. They are happy. Personally, I stuck it out because none of that appealed to me. Only you can decide.

  • Oct 3

    Dress up for Halloween they said. It will be fun, they said.

  • Oct 3

    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    I'm a DNS at a SNF so we have lots of NPs. Some wear business casual with a lab jacket. Some wear club wear...I kid you not...tank tops, mini skirts and stilettos. Not at all professional.
    Are you sure those aren't the drug reps?

  • Oct 2

    Run, do not walk, to your instructor, and sit down with him or her to go over the quiz to see why you chose the answers you did and why there were better choices. Critical thinking is huge in nursing, and you may just be either overthinking or leaving something out in your decision-making. Make a standing appointment to see the instructor every week to do this until you start getting better. Leaving it to the end of the quarter, or even to mid-terms, is too late.