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  • Aug 7

    IF truly 75% of the class is failing I'd suggest going to the Program Director and/or Dean. I would not suggest going alone. If others are truly concerned about this then they need to fight for this as well, not just you. Don't end up being the sacrificial lamb when everyone else isn't willing to commit.

  • Aug 5

    Work on learning how to use a stethoscope first.

  • Aug 4

    is there a drip factor(gtt) for this equation

  • Aug 2

    Its getting horrible in my area and breaks my heart. Being a NP used to be for the most part a group of excellent, motivated RNs who wanted to further their knowledge and scope. Now it seems everyone thinks they are NP material, that it is the quick route to big bucks and a cushy M-F day schedule. Schools are supporting this by having minimal if any admission requirements. The numbers are staggering, wages are dropping and the quality of many of the new grads in my opinion is not good. Seriously there are some who I wondered how they even got through the BSN program and now are attempting to diagnose and prescribe medication for children. Yikes. My guess is we continue seeing an increase in the "help I failed my boards", "why can't I find a job?" and "I'm a NP working for $85,000 a year" posts in the future.

  • Aug 1

    It is definitely doable but requires a strong state NP organization willing to hire lobbyists and get house-senate support. I'd rally with your colleagues who you know would be willing to assist in addressing this issue as it will be time consuming and can take years to come to fruition.

    Unfortunately in my experience very few NPs are willing to make the sacrifices needed to pursue significant change and instead either rely on a few of their peers hard work and reap the benefits or just complain about the present situation. Good luck.

  • Jul 25

    Don't share your grades with your classmates. It can be hurtful, as you've seen. I made that mistake a few times and had the same result you did. I learned pretty quick that when someone asked how I did, I just said, "I'm happy with how I did on it". I only shared my actual grades with my small circle of gal pals in my program.

    Getting a good grade on a hard test is awesome, maybe share that with your outside friends and family.

    In the meantime, just be supportive to your friend. Let him know you'll be there if he needs to talk/vent.

  • Jul 25

    So proud of you. You may "only" have 2 years of nursing under your belt, but your spine is already rock solid. You did GREAT.

  • Jul 25

    If I had a dime for every time I annoyed a physician....I would be rich!

    Well done! You advocated for your patient and prevented an untoward outcome

  • Jul 25

    Quote from Ruby Vee
    If the physicians aren't occaisionally "yelling" at you from time-to-time, you probably aren't doing your job as a patient advocate.
    This should be printed, nicely framed and hung over every nursing station.

  • Jul 25

    It's all about being a patient advocate. Good job for standing up to the doctor when you knew your patient needed more treatment.

  • Jul 23

    I'm actually looking for a partner NP to open a practice like this. I am currently working with a PA. We are in one of the most restrictive states for NP's. It's becoming too difficult in my state for a NP. My academic colleagues tell me this state is loosing NPs quickly especially the younger who can relocate. I've been working in this realm for 5 years. I love it. Problem is I get phone calls all the time from MD's yelling at me to stop. They don't believe in any of it. But my patients are for the most part very happy. We do bhrt and sexual therapy for menopause and andropause. Plus stem cell (be very careful with this). There are people getting into this for money alone and will use you for your license. In some cases they earn upwards of tens of thousands of dollars while you received 50.00 and your license is on the line!

  • Jul 20

    Wear a little so that you don't scare the pts at 0600? Did they encourage flowing, well-oiled hair too?

  • Jul 20

    No one should care. And if they do, why would you? You’ve got better things to go in school than worry about someone looking up the price of your stethoscope. What you should worry about is someone walking away with it. Stethoscopes, especially nice ones, tend to grow legs when left laying around. Get it engraved, get a name tag that isn’t easily removed, and keep it in your pocket or your hands the entire time you’re in clinical. If you don’t need it for a clinical, leave it in your car or lock it up.

  • Jul 20

    You're lucky! No one will care, and if they do, it's because they are jealous! Make sure you put a name tag on it!

  • Jul 16

    If you want to wear makeup, wear makeup. If you don't want to wear makeup, don't wear makeup. I promise you that you are going to have more important things to worry about when you start your nursing program.