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  • Feb 26

    Yep. We were all like that. Look round at all the nurses on that floor. They were too. And your faculty. And the supervisor, and the charge nurse. All of us.

    You'll get there. It gets better.

  • Feb 26

    If you want to become a doctor I'm not really sure why you would go for nursing first- they follow totally different models.

  • Feb 25

    Being in a middle management nurse manager position is one of the toughest positions there is as a nurse. Try spending a week in their shoes before you judge them so harshly. I'm sure there are "jerks" in every position in every career but not all nurse managers are "jerks"! Most of them try to do the best they can with what they are permitted to do.

  • Feb 21

    Please consider finding a local NP to participate. I'd suspect the purpose is to make a professional contact in your community. Ask around at work and see if anyone knows a nice NP they can recommend to you.

  • Feb 18

    Have you tried all the providers in your clinical note entry program (Typhon, e-medley)? I remember I cried my 2nd semester of NP school because I couldn't find a preceptor for primary care adult. 3rd semester I had to find OB/Women's Health and Peds. As a male, finding a women's health preceptorship is hard. I ended up doing it at the women's health clinic in my hospital.

    However for Peds, I took our Typhon preceptor list and just went down the list of all PNPs and pediatricians in the area. On my first day of office visiting, front desk just asked me for my resumes and never spoke to a doctor. The 2nd day, I had 20 offices lined up for a round trip day of 100 miles of driving. The first stop at a private practice pediatrician, she accepted me on the spot for a next day start. I was floored. I'm still at her office now for my practicum as my adult primary care preceptorship at my hospital is being setup (the VA takes forever).

    Have you talked to any the of pediatricians at your hospital? Front office staff is so hard to get past and some are just plain mean. If you can't find anything, you need to get your school to help you out.

  • Feb 17

    In 2014 when I first joined AN, I was about to start my ADN but I had my eyes set on becoming a Nurse practitioner. Nothing wrong with that. Because of my long goal, I had to do ADN and BSN general studies at the same time. No summer break or any break from school. I Completed my ADN-RN in 2016 then transferred to State University to complete the remaining 30 credit for upper nursing courses and my graduation is set in May 2017. To wrap it up, today, I received a letter of acceptance to a DNP program within the state University system. I did it, you can do it!
    One thing that I can tell you, go through some of the posts in this forum and you will go far in your professional life. When I need advice, other than God, AN is my favorite mentor tool that I use.
    All the best!

  • Feb 13

    Quote from roser13
    Not sure why you're posting on a nursing forum. You seem very dismissive of the practice of nursing.

    Good luck in earning your true worth.
    Are you kidding?! The OP isn't dismissive at all. If by dismissive you mean anticipating the elevation of the profession, then yes.
    OP, I applaud you. In fact, I am seeking the same thing as well. I fully anticipate the FNP (primary/urgent care) equivalent of your dream.
    Disclaimer* I am not a Practitioner yet, so I may be nieve. I just want the OP to know there are like-minded folks.

  • Jan 31

    Quote from Here.I.Stand
    I was taught that both prescribing and recommending meds is outside of an RN's scope of practice....
    Maybe you didn't see in the op's statement - they did mention 'practicing within limitations'. And FYI herbalists don't prescribe or recommend "meds" of any kind nor do they discourage people from seeing their family physicians. A herbalist would recommend chamomile tea for difficulty falling asleep; peppermint for upset stomach; lavender in your bath to help you relax; turmeric & pepper in food for inflammatory problems (yes, by the way, these are all EBP - look it up.) But yes Mnstn, there are many, many nurses out there who have furthered their knowledge on natural health and herbals and use it in practice & at home. I have a masters in nursing and a doctorate in natural health and I am a master herbalist. If herbalism and natural health interest you - go for it! You won't regret it.

  • Jan 31

    Disappointing? Definitely! "Devastated"? That seems a bit much. I'm sure that your school had informed students that they were not guaranteed their first choice of preceptorship sites. Make the best of the placement you have, work hard, learn as much as you can, and make it a positive experience for yourself. I don't know anything specific about the market for new grads in Denver, but I doubt it will make a great deal of difference in eventually getting hired into a NICU position. When you look back on this in years to come, you will see that it was just a minor "hiccup" in your career. There will be many others -- it's important in nursing to be able to "roll with the punches," be flexible and resilient, and make the best of minor setbacks.

    Welcome to allnurses -- best wishes for your journey!

  • Jan 31

    Although infuriating and I agree an ethical duty I'd be careful about putting a target on your back. If you want to do it definitely do it anonymously. In my experience the schools know there are cheaters, just like they know that some of the students they don't have the stones to fail will be lousy nurses and by telling them they might feel they have to do something and talk about shooting the messenger. Unfortunately I can only secretly hope for karma because I don't buy that our relatively easy board exams are much of a stumbling block either for someone who does a review and tests fairly good. Its kind of the way of the world now we surely don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or insinuate that not every special snowflake is a winner. Heaven forbid Mommy and Daddy get angry and call to complain to the Dean.

  • Jan 30

    I know I've asked some really, really stupid questions in my day. Right now, though, none of them come to mind. The stupidest question I can think of right now was asked by a married father of three who was an intern years and years ago. I was working Med/Surg as an RN, and had 30 patients with an LPN and an NA. The intern came by the room where the NA and I were struggling to clean up poop on an obese, elderly gentleman who had been rolling in and fingerpainting with the stuff. The intern told me that I needed to put a catheter in Mrs. P "STAT" so he could look at the urine under a microscope. This being before the age of customer service, I (probably not so politely) told him that I was busy, and if he needed it stat he could do it himself. He nodded and disappeared for long enough for us to finish cleaning up that gentleman and move on. The NA and I again had our hands full with an incontinent patient when the intern popped his head into the room saying he had a question. I anticipated something like "what do I hook the catheter to" or "where are the specimen labels?" but it was nothing like that.

    "There are THREE holes down there," he told me. "Which one does it go in?"

    The NA told me later that my jaw dropped and my mouth was hanging open. The only response I could come up with is "HOW long have you been married?"

    The NA was the one who drew him the picture, labeling the three holes "poop" "pee" and "baby."

  • Jan 28

    No advice but wanted to express my condolences. As you can tell from searching threads here you aren't the first this has happened to and many go on to be successful with their second attempt.

  • Jan 28

    Quote from myoglobin
    Also my experience is ICU and I'm pursuing a Psych NP degree so my contacts are minimal (and in case I have essentially no relationships with MD's or NP's).
    This is directed more toward schools than naive students but I am so opposed to those with no psych experience believing after two pharmacology and one diagnosing course they will be competent to treat the vulnerable mental health patients, and no your ICU patients who have mental illness do not count as significant experience in actually seeing the dosing, reactions of psychiatric medications and behaviors. In particular with children and addictions these inexperienced providers who's work I have seen are horrendous. Please consider getting inpatient acute psych RN experience and then you could easily find your own contacts.

  • Jan 26

    It truly is getting out of hand. Allnurses should consider making a separate forum for this.

  • Jan 26

    The problem is that even the brick & mortar schools are now doing this.