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    I've had a lot of friends who worked for Accurate and still do, they seem to really like it. Just get through your first six months and breathe. A nurse at my first hospital job gave me great advice and told me that I was not allowed to judge myself at all for my first six months.

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    From the metro hospitals I've worked at, the contracts are for about $28-29/hr, usually about $0.50-1.00 more per hour for a BSN. At a clinic, you will probably make $22-26/hr. Less than both of those usually for LTC.

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    I got a call about job openings at Centennial Medical Center from their HR. My family and I may be relocating to the Nashville area and I'd like some honest advice about Centennial as a place to work - pay, benefits, employee treatment, etc. Also, any advice on good suburbs to live in that are safe with good schools would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

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    My husband is potentially looking at a job in Franklin, TN which he will be making less than half of his pay here in Minnesota. That leaves me to find a comparable job for me. I am a pediatric hospital RN here and make $32/hr plus differentials. We are also union at our hospitals here. I am looking for an updated answer on what the average pay is for RNs at the Vanderbilt Children's and also if there are other options for pediatrics in the area? I got nowhere on the phone with HR, they can only tell you pay at an interview and won't say what nurses make on average. That is NO help when looking to move across the country. Also, what are some good areas around Nashville and Franklin to live? Looking at cost of living, low crime, and good schools?

    Thank you!!