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  • Jan 6 '13

    Look into Mt. Juliet. They have great schools and great shopping. Although, they are a bit higher in rent. If you are looking to rent a house in that area it will be between $1000-1500 mo.
    Also, Lebanon is a bit cheaper and just down the road. You will be looking at $800-1300 in the area for a house.
    Use Craigslist to look. If you decide to look in those areas feel free to email me and I can let you know what areas in Lebanon are good. Pretty much any area in Mt. Juliet is great for families.
    Best of luck!
    Oh, where are you moving from?

  • Jan 6 '13

    We're in SE Nashville, along Percy Priest Lake and love it here, tho that's a tit of a drive to Madison. There are nice spots in Donelson too. Not sure about schools though - mine stay home.
    Absolutely affordable in many spots around town. We have a mortgage, one car note, 2 hungry boys.. and I was just exclaiming to my husband the other day that if we ever needed I could totally support us on an LPN wage. Life is cheap here, and it's a really really great town!
    Also, I have a close friend just on the other side of the river in Old Hickory - it's affordable and nice over there too. She's technically in Wilson county so her daughter is in a nice school.

    Good luck and welcome!

  • Jan 6 '13

    Hello, Not sure if you're still looking for info but I have a little I can share I am working at Erlanger and 2 close friends from nursing school are at the others.

    Erlanger new grad PRN 26.00/ hr 1.75 3-11 shift diff 3.50 11-7 shift diff 2.00 extra on weekends

    Hutcheson new grad 18.50/hr Full Time 4.00 11-7 shift diff

    Memorial Hixson new grad ~ 19/hr Full time (it is 19 and some change i can't remember) with 3.50 shift diff 11-7

    I think new grad at Erlanger for full time is 19 something also but I was offered PRN and took the job. Good luck

  • Jan 3 '13

    Look into Spring Hill, TN. It's right below Franklin, and VERY nice and commuter friendly to Nashville. I moved here from NJ. Nashville has tons of option, lots of hospital and medical centers to choose from! Good luck!