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    I was accepted into the AGPCNP program this fall as well! Congratulations... I have not had any luck finding anyone else accepted, looks like most are from the FNP program.

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    I paid nursingCas their $65 and then after my information was verified I received an email asking me to create a UC profile, and then I had to pay another $65. Now I'm just waiting to hear back, the representative said it could be 6 weeks...

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    Has anyone applied to the University of Cincinnati's AGPCNP program for Fall 2017?

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    Applied to UC AGPCNP program for Fall 2017! Just waiting to hear back now, as they are my number one choice. Has anyone else applied there? Good luck to everyone!

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    I will be starting on October 27th with NUR351 and SOCS 350N.

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    All they wanted was my transcript as well and everything that I could possibly transfer over did, I will only be taking the required 32 credits through them.

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    I just received my education plan and am.set to start in September as well.

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    I couldn't agree with you more, but you put it in words better than I ever could have. I chose my NLN accredited little old ADN program with 100% NCLEX passage rate and all MSN prepared nursing instructors from UCSF and USF (to name a two) because it was a great fit for me, I was a single teen parent working and paying my way through school and could not afford a huge tuition price tag. I would not change that experience for the world and am glad I had it, so I never look down on anyone for the route they chose to get their education.

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    Quote from TeleRN_OC
    I am currently doing the RN to BSN AP program but i need math 1302 and Stats I was thinking of taking the 8 week course online. I currently work full-time but at night. I have been reading that math 1302 is horrible to take through UTA. Has anyone recently finished this course? Please share your thoughts I appreciate any feedback. I m horrible with math I hate Math all together and have been trying to avoid taking Math.:***:Well I am close to the end of the road of my BSN and I need math so I can take Nursing Research :/ and move forward to capstone and finish. I also heard you have to pay for a proctor. Thanks for any responses.
    Off topic from your original question, but how do you like UTA's RN to BSN program? How long will it take you to finish? I'm applying and would just like some feedback from actual students.

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    Quote from GoldenPen
    You don't have to be '"partnered" to get into RN-BSN at UTA. I live out of state and I am in the program.
    I am applying to the RN to BSN and wanted to know how do you like the program, so far?

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    My program requires a 75 to pass, but once you fail a class your done, there is no taking the class over next semester. We do not have plus or minuses and our semester is lumped into one giant class of 10 units, so depending on your grade it can really kill your GPA. I just wish some weight was given to clinical and class assignments, but those are not graded just required. So, your entire grade is based on your 4 exams throughout the semester. We only start in the fall with 32 students in a cohort.

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    I am in the process of applying to Brandman for Fall 2014, but have hit a snag in their prerequisites. I have nothing, but A's and B's while in the nursing program, but received a C in chemistry prior to my acceptance and chemistry for some reason is the only science course they look at for admission. Does anyone who has applied know a way around having to take Chemistry again? Instructor recommendations? Testing? Anything so that I do not have to waste $1000 to take it again to meet their B average.... Thank you

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    So Iv'e been trying to get a head start on the job hunt by looking into local New Grad programs to see if I could do anything now to better my chances of finding a position after graduation. Today while looking I noticed that many hospitals differentiated their New Grad program from their Nurse residency such as UCSD what is the difference?

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    Do some more research and keep in mind everything happens in time. I was the same way as you are at 20 with a new baby at home. I was a biological science major (premed) and most of my classes did not transfer over because the science emphasis is different as is the math. Just look into your options and check with your hospital. Make sure this is absolutely what you want and if so don't rush it everything happens in time. Best of luck

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    I was the class clown that failed an entire year dang near finding out I was going to graduate the day before I walked with about a 2.30 GPA. Yeah I pretty much hated high school and it showed. . .