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    Hi everyone!
    I am a Canadian RN with a degree in nursing trying to license in AZ. I work in a general systems ICU/CCU. I feel like I'm being stone walled by the AZ BON as they don't seem to answer their phones or return voicemails/emails. I am filling out the application and it asks for immigration status. I am trying to go down to the USA on a TN Visa; however, I am finding it difficult to differentiate between the status options. Can someone clarify which option I should use? I have included the link to the application. Page 6 is specifically where I am struggling to make sense of everything. Would I be option k, or option m, or something different all together.

    My second issue - do I need a visa screen if I am Canadian? If so, do I need it BEFORE applying for licensure, or after?

    thank you for reading!


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    In Alberta, you make the same regardless of what department you work in. I would make the same in a public nursing home as I would in an OR or ICU I agree that in ICU you should definitely make more. I have to pay more to have extra certification and to renew them annually!

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    I'm a new GN in AB, Canada. I keep hearing people talking about picking up shifts on their "x days". Does anyone know what this means?