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  • Sep 23 '14

    Quote from ctbui
    So we don't have clinically for this program? Where can I find more info about this school? I am currently trying to get into a Lpn RN bridge. Thank you
    Excelsior College | Excelsior College

  • Sep 23 '14

    Quote from maddyfan4
    hello i feel the same way. although im ignoring the negative comments i feel like i will be missing out on a lot of hands on like i would recieve going to a traditional school. from someone who has only done homecare i feel like i wont have any skills, how is that marketable? can anyone answer
    In my opinion, no school can teach you how to be a nurse in any particular area. You learn the theory that you need by sitting in a classroom. Your physical skills will be determined by the areas in which you choose to practice after you are licensed or have the degree conferred. You can always apply for a job at the bedside or classroom to gain those types of skills. Otherwise, you would need to shadow and/or be precepted in your chosen area until you feel confident that you have the skills in which you seek.

    I agree that it will be difficult for one to get a position in areas other than those in which s/he is experienced, no matter what degree is held unless that person has contacts higher up, a bang-up resume, or the gift of gab.

  • Sep 19 '14

    I did my LPN-ASN at a community college and it cost me less than $4,000 I now make just over $5,000 per month as an RN. That program was only a year long, but that was bc I had bee. Out of school greater than 2 years while those that had gone back sooner didn't have to take a refresher class and got it done in 6 months.

    My RN to BSN is looking to be around $12,000

    When I was looking at LPN to BSN it was going to be between $20,000 and $45,000 and about 3 years of schooling. I'd have also had to retake the majority of my LPN classes which really put me off.

  • Sep 18 '14


    It is the thread that you are on. Read rainbowvahmet's article, "How I passed the TEAS":

    Mechelle38, do not give up. Follow this guy/gal's advice to the letter and I cannot fathom you not doing well. As the original poster notes, that ATI manual should be the primary resource and I agree 100%. Start with it and use any other means to supplement it and your learning.


  • Sep 17 '14

    To all of you applying to GPC's nursing program:

    It is a very hard program but you will learn everything you need to pass the NCLEX-RN. You will more than likely become annoyed with all the last min stuff the teachers love to spring on you but what can you do. GPC's nursing program will prepare you well for the NCLEX this is a fact. They have like a 99% pass rate, this much I know is true. The vast majority of my class have been passing the NCLEX with it stopping at 75Q and thats with little to no studying. Mine stopped at 95Q's with maybe 2 days of reviewing (nothing major at all), that's it.

    I wish you all the best of luck with getting accepted bc GPC has a great nursing program

  • Sep 17 '14

    Quote from milesamelia
    keepmovinglpn congratulations on graduating! That is awesome! Can you give us an idea of what the schedule is like at GPC? I've read that you have clinicals twice a week, every other week but do these last the entire semester? Also, how many days per week do you have lecture? I'm trying to get some idea of what I'm going to do for childcare IF I get in! Congrats again
    Well my schedule was some what different bc I was in the bridge the 1st semester and then the LPN's merged with traditional the 2nd semester.
    * 1st semester (LPN bridge) one day a week class 9-4pm and one day a wk clinical. **note this doesnt include the sim lab days or check off days**

    * 2nd semester (summer) merged with the selected few traditional track students and HAD to take: OB, PEDS and PSYCH all in the summer. Between clinicals, class time and school work you are there Mon-friday 9-3pm. **note if you choose to enter the lottery to do the accerated track with the LPN's you will not be able to work during the summer FACT**

    * 3rd semester (my last semester) was alot better, much more laid back. Class every other week and one day a week clinicals (I did mine on Sundays) and then you have perceptorship.

    Hope this gives you some idea.