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  • Aug 2 '17

    I love how everyone has an image in thier head about how the military works... I am an Active Duty 68WM6... They are about to chenge that to 68C for manning, budget, and promotions. Thats neither here nor there and should not influence your decision. As far as I know, the United States Army is the only branch that utilizes LPN's. They have a school for it. I went through it. Basic training is 9 weeks (they teach you how to shoot, hide, blow stuff up, wear a uniform, and whoop your ass into shape) Advanced individual training is 16 weeks, (They teach you how to be a Healthcare Specialist (68W), You leave there with a AHA BLS Card, and NREMT EMT Registration) to get the M6 Identifier, You go to a year long follow on school consisting of 2 Months at Fort Sam Houston learning A/P and Math for nurses, then another phase at a MEDCEN where they prep you to sit for the NCLEX-PN, You leave there with an LVN License from Texas and are then shot out needs of the army to where ever it is they need you. Seeing as how they are dropping the identifier and making it its own MOS, I don't know how this will effect the program but I would assume it should be about the same.

    To those of you who believe that you don't have a choice of what your job will be when you join the military i say... NUTS... Those of you who thought you didnt have a choice got screwed and placed where ever they would have you. If the career counselor at the MEPS doesnt have the job you want on your sheet after you take your ASVAB, walk away and come back later... If you dont get what you want then, and take something else, thats on you, but once you sign, theres no changing it. Look up something called In/Out Calls if you want to know if they are recruiting for certain positions.

    As far as you already having you License when you join, that is something that you will need to speak to a Recruiter about. The Medical Command has Medical Recruiters check here Army Medicine (AMEDD) | You may be able to qualify for the MOS with that alone or have to sit at an abbreviated medical training school.

    By all means follow your desires, having an ADN gives you a leg up while recruiting and equates to increased rank on entrance. Be advised LPNs are strictly Enlisted. The army has something called the Amedd Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP) which for qualified personnel will allow you to attend a university of your choice, while getting paid about your normal salary, for every year of college the army pays for you then owe them 3 years of service once commissioned. OOOORRRRR... get your ADN... Join the Military, they pay $2400 a year for tuition and there are plently of ADN to BSN programs online... if you get your BSN then all you have to do is go to BOLC and get picked up for commissioning by the AMEDD, In the mean time while you try to find time to go to school you get paid to be a knuckle head, travel the world... Now all that sounds glamorous but it really isnt, alot of getting yelled out, cleaning stuff, sweating and early morning, but its a living...

    Experience: SSG, US Army, LVN, Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI
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