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  • Apr 10

    What do you hate about clinicals? Clinical will be like when you get a job in the hospital except you are on your own as far as how you do things and in what sequence. If you hate clinicals I think you have a hard road ahead, to get I to research or teaching you usually need some floor experience.

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  • Dec 26 '16

    Even with over abundance of NPs in schools, not everyone will make it in the real world as a NP. Some good and bad APNs will come out of good or bad schools. Some will become teachers, administrators or providers. They will weed themselves out. I wouldn't be too worried over it. Experience is key here!

  • Dec 26 '16

    I believe both sides of the arguments are valid. I do find that nurses see much more how everything that doctors do affect the patient more than the actual doctor does. A doctor prescribes meds, the nurse administers and monitors the patient for 12 hours a day. A doctor sees a pt for about 5-10 minutes a day and relies on the nurses assessments and documentation. The doctor is very well versed in medicine and what meds go with what. A nurse learns this as she goes along. I feel both NP, and MD have a lot of to offer patients.