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  • May 23 '17

    As religious nurse I also could not work Saturdays. However I ended up working every Sunday of the month.Even though I did my weekends they're still were some nurses who did resent the fact that I do not do any Saturdays even though I did my share of weekends. I understand the op frustration but as long as that nurse was open in her interview period.She should just let it go and speak to the management about the staffing issues w/o bringing up this nurse.
    When I went to crna school this issue came up again when I had to take call on weekends. While the PD did not make any special accommodation I was able to switch my Saturdays and Friday night's calls with some of my understanding classmates. But let me tell you when that call schedule came out I literally would break out in a cold sweat and would not calm down until I was able to switch my call.
    I think it is important to note that if an orthodox Jew was driving his car and sundown came he would lock his car and walk to where ever they had to go, Orthodox Jews are that committed to keeping the Sabbath.
    I acknowledge that this can be a stressful situation for everyone involved.But if there honest open communication these issues really can be resolved to (almost) everyone satisfaction.