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    I'm an ICU nurse n I started fresh out of nursing school with my Associate degree in nursing... It's almost 5 years now n I am still in ICU n I love it... It IS possible!!! I have to admit you will work very hard but you will learn sooo much... I love it and it is my passion... I couldn't imagine myself working anywhere else!!! Good luck and keep that dream... Because if you are determined enough you can do ANYTHING!!!

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    Omg!!! I know how you feel... I was a graduate nurse fresh out of nursing school when I started in my position of RN in the ICU... It was frustrating n I left ALWAYS feeling like I could have done better!!! It has taken me 4 years to become somewhat comfortable in my shoes... I have to say not a shift goes by that I don't learn something new... Give yourself a break, when you feel overwhelmed take a step back, take a deep breath n clear your mind... Then go back n reevaluate the situation... Hang in there... It takes time - A LOT of time to feel somewhat confident n comfortable in your position.